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  1. Hey Guys, I can pre download my deluxe edition of F1 2021 on Steam but it keeps saying after the download that it needs an update. If I press on the update button it keeps saying this and doesn't update. Someone have the same problem or is this normal?
  2. It is pure luck, pretty strange tbh. I saw someone who registered an forum account 1 May and got in. Me after 3 years of trying still not in it. I think they just put random names in a wheel or something and spin it. Pretty weird in my opinion.
  3. After 3 years of applying for the Beta it looks like the third one isn't gonna be the one as well... I don't know tbh what I am doing wrong, is it really luck after 3 years?
  4. Thank you very much for the advice! I will look into it tomorrow and I am gonna practice very very hard! 😄
  5. No I don't see an Beta forum yet. I am keeping the hope! Xd
  6. Practice is key. I am an controller user but I find Monaco also very very difficult. BUT I think if you practice in Time trail and doing every time just laps you will get there at some point!
  7. I think we will need to wait and look for ourselfs if we are the lucky one! 😄 Don't think they will say anything about it.
  8. Maybe they will updtae it in 2021. Would be nice tho!
  9. I think that he means a real practice start at the side of the pit exit like in real F1. I think tbh that it won't be added. Don't know why, just have an feeling hahaha
  10. I love new skins to F1. It makes the game feel fresh but it is not an real deal imo. It isn't something people really really want when it shows up in the item shop for pitcoins. How are others opinions about this?
  11. I think they have every year new liverys and some liverys move to the next game. Every year they have imo better and cooler liverys. Maybe in 2021 too?
  12. Perfect! Redbull has always been fast in Monaco but Mercedes too. I really hope for an fight against Max and Lewis, 2 best drivers on the grid this season imo!
  13. Hi Everyone! After 4 rounds of F1 it looks like we have an title fight on our hands! What are your expectations and thoughts on the Monaco Grand Prix? Who will win? Who is gonna win Quali? I want to hear you guys opinions! 😄
  14. Yeah with less assists youre more in control of your own car. Its greater to drive then. I want that and I am gonna use all the tips above in my post here! 😄
  15. Very very good idea! Struggeling every time to find an good session for myself. Realy good idea, hope Codemasters will look into this further!
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