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  1. Oooh just noticed the F1 2021. Needs to be F1 2020 my bad. 😄 I use the assist Brake assist off. ABS On. Traction Control Medium. Racing line Corners only. Gearbox Manual. I have more fun to drive on the wheel but in league races I am pretty fast on controller but racing on the wheel is pretty difficult.
  2. Hey Everyone, I have an quick question to you. I have an Wheel: Thrustmaster TMX Force Feedback Pro. I am struggling a bit, I am really competitive with my controller but with limited assist youre not quicker then the guy with no assists. Do you guys have any tips for me for my controller with no assist, on how do you learn to drive on controller with no assists or my wheel on how to learn it? Appreciate it!
  3. A lot of people signed up for the beta, more then 10.000 or something. I haven't been in the beta while signing up but if they send you the codes it will be in your email linked from your account!
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    Yeah you can overtake if you are 1 lap behind but otherwise you cannot overtake. Had many times that people are next to you while racing, SC pops up and then overtakes you while you was in front. Was that the case there or was it an bug?
  5. Yeah that is an race retirement. They need to make it as realistic as possible, not an arcade. They need to find a balance between arcade and realistic.
  6. More ways of crashing makes it even more better to drive! People diving on your inside like an mad man, no damage to the floor, rear wing what so ever. If codemasters will add more realistic models for crashes then it will be a lot more fun to drive. Not only can you lose your wheel or front wing. Then your whole rear wing fly's off, your floor that can be damaged that increases oversteer on how much it is damaged. I think it is an really good opinion, hope codemasters will add it in a Formula 1 game!
  7. For Stewards in a league is this an perfect idea! If people gets a penalty for nothing then you van remove it straight away with the Steward spectator. Pretty good idea in my opinion!
  8. If people knows there is gonna be crossplay in it then it will be a big seller. Everyone is asking for it so you can play with all of your other friends on differents consoles. I don't think they will add it in 2021, but maybe 2022 crossplay?
  9. Hi everyone, I just want to know what people think of Perez after the Spanish GP. Want to see a discussion of multiple people who thinks different! In my opinion Perez needs to step his game up, more in Quali then in race but both of them. What are your conclusions and opinions?
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