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  1. MateLeLe120

    Error code NM14

    same problem here
  2. MateLeLe120

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Are these new 2020 cars less understeery compared to how it was in the previous game? Or how about FFB and the general feeling of the car? Has it been improved? I could notice an improvement during the beta but some people have reported that the final game's handling differs a bit from the beta.
  3. MateLeLe120

    G29 brake pedal issue

    Hi, I have probably created one thread about this, but I still struggle with my brake pedal in Logitech G29. The problem is that I get 100% reading in-game when the pedal is pressed in half. I still have like 50% of pedal travel. If you know what I mean. It's very difficult to drive cause every gentle touch of it results in locking front tires when playing without ABS assistance. I do realise that it's probably a software/firmware issue, I just want to know whether anyone else has this problem or this is just me. I've heard many different opinions. Reinstalling drivers didn't help and there is no way to set it up.
  4. Plz bring back inviting friends to a ranked lobby, I loved it back in F1 2018.
  5. MateLeLe120

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    you can see it
  6. MateLeLe120

    Our game experience

    the only one I have F1_2019_photo_20190709_173214.bmp I don't know how to insert a photo
  7. MateLeLe120

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    Sorry I'm not native, I thought that "depress" is an opposite to "press".
  8. MateLeLe120

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    By the way, the wheel should be set to PS3 or PS4 mode?
  9. MateLeLe120

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    What do you mean by that? While the wheel is self calibrating I should press the brake fully on and then depress when it's done? Sorry I'm lost. And is the word "depress" an opposite to word "press"? XD Sry for my english. As I mentioned before, this issue has been existent since the first plug. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's about drivers 'cause it worked normally until I messed something with calibration in Control Panel (trying to resolve the problem with brakes).
  10. MateLeLe120

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    Ok, so it's supposed to work in that way, thanks. I know that taking this rubber out doesn't change anything, but I just wanted to whether the brake pedal is supposed to work in that way or not. I actually got used to this and recently I messed up something with the drivers and now the clutch pedal works 0-1. But I'll get over it.
  11. MateLeLe120

    Logitech G29 Brake Pedal Deadzone

    That's right. I've already removed the black rubber but it didn't change a thing. But was the brake pedal supposed to reach maximum when it hits the rubber? From what I know from other G29 owners the pedal should reach 100% when it's actually pressed fully to the bottom.
  12. Hello, I'm having troubles with my G29 brake pedal and yet I haven't found the solution. The problem is that the pedal reaches 100% when pressed in half, like there was some kind of deadzone at the end. But there is no deadzone at all. No matter what game, even re-installing the drivers didn't help. I've this problem since the beginning (I bought the wheel from second hand) and at first I thought it's normal, but it's not. Like it's very difficult to drive without ABS as I have to be extremely precise on the brakes. The "range" of the pedal is half as short as it should be. Is there anything I can do? And sorry for bad English.
  13. MateLeLe120

    I am struggling with Feel.

    Same for me, I race in a rFactor 2 league where I can drive and feel the car normally, In F1 2019 though I struggle with understeer and overall car feel. If you compare FFB from rF2 and F1 2019, you can easily notice that in Codies' game the FFB doesn't "help" you when you lose rear end. At least for me. In rF2, for instance, when you lose rear end in the corner, your wheel becomes "loose" for a fraction of a second allowing you to do a quick correction what in my opinion is realy helpful. In F1 2019 it doesn't.
  14. MateLeLe120

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    It's still the same for me, no matter the setup, maxed out McLaren in career and a lot of understeer when going into any turn in Baku... I even struggle with braking, each lap the car behavies in a different way. Like I can't drive. I've spent so much time on rFactor 2 racing in league lately that I can't drive on F1 2019 now. It's so frustrating.
  15. MateLeLe120

    F1 2019 rb15 understeer

    For me so far it's the worst experience I've ever had. My car in career is extremely understeer and doesn't want to turn in or brake so I barely can make a corner or complete practice programs. These problems started in Baku, I somehow went through 3 previous races with decent results but then I only managed to complete track acclimatization 'cause the rest was almost impossible due to lack of pace. F1 2018 was way better when it comes to physics. I tried a variety of setups and it's always the same result. Instead of fun and satisfaction, there is anger and frustration. In the beginning, I thought it's because of poor car performance but now I can't drive. I use a Logitech G29.