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  1. I've just spotted that when my toshiba HDD USB drive is connected to the rear of PC it constantly disconnects and connects for no reason. Maybe mobo is screwed?
  2. okay, so i'll test them on a different PC for a bit longer and see how they behave.
  3. Hi, I use T-LCM pedals connected via USB together with G29 wheel (i don't have a thrustmaster wheel). The issue is that my pedals randomly "disconnect" from my PC when not only playing, but just testing them in the Calibration Software. The throttle pedal gets stuck at either 0 or 100% and there is nothing I can do. Same goes for the clutch pedal. The brake pedal remains working, though. They don't disconnect completely as the brake pedal remains working and they're visible in the Device Manager. The blue led light at the back is still there. Calibration Software stops detecting them and I
  4. So it's quite strange because it worked at first launch, but stopped when I restarted the game. This issue was also existent with my old Logitech DFGT which I guess is supported by F1 2010. The issue was exactly the same.
  5. Hi, I decided to play some F1 2010, but I'm having a massive problem related to steering. I use Logitech G29 and in Logitech Profiler I set 270 degree steering angle, but the game seems not to care about it. At first launch it worked well as it should be. but then this happened (see the video). 1614521505505 - YouTube The game recognises the wheel correctly I guess as I have an access to FFB and wheel options, general steering angle seems to be OK but the game seems to treat it as a keyboard? I don't know. The slightest move makes the car steering maximum to the left or right. I hop
  6. Are these new 2020 cars less understeery compared to how it was in the previous game? Or how about FFB and the general feeling of the car? Has it been improved? I could notice an improvement during the beta but some people have reported that the final game's handling differs a bit from the beta.
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