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  1. I've just spotted that when my toshiba HDD USB drive is connected to the rear of PC it constantly disconnects and connects for no reason. Maybe mobo is screwed?
  2. okay, so i'll test them on a different PC for a bit longer and see how they behave.
  3. okay, but why do they work fine on different computers?
  4. Hi, I use T-LCM pedals connected via USB together with G29 wheel (i don't have a thrustmaster wheel). The issue is that my pedals randomly "disconnect" from my PC when not only playing, but just testing them in the Calibration Software. The throttle pedal gets stuck at either 0 or 100% and there is nothing I can do. Same goes for the clutch pedal. The brake pedal remains working, though. They don't disconnect completely as the brake pedal remains working and they're visible in the Device Manager. The blue led light at the back is still there. Calibration Software stops detecting them and I have to plug them again. But it works only for a while. But it happens over and over again. What I did: -changed USB ports (I tried all of them - no result) -replaced the USB cable (they're recognised but no input) -flashed my BIOS in case it's USB support problem (no result) -tried different version of Windows 10 (no result) -I took the whole PC apart and then rebuilt again (no result) HOWEVER, I tested those pedals on 2 different computers and they worked perfectly fine. So I'm sure it's something related to my PC, but I have no idea. Please help, I'll appreciate any kind of help. I'm about to freak out 'cause I have no idea what should I do and I can't race. I've literally tried everything. PC: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 MOBO MSI B450M mortar RTX 2060 2x8 GB RAM DDR4
  5. MateLeLe120

    F1 2010 - massive steering problem

    So it's quite strange because it worked at first launch, but stopped when I restarted the game. This issue was also existent with my old Logitech DFGT which I guess is supported by F1 2010. The issue was exactly the same.
  6. Hi, I decided to play some F1 2010, but I'm having a massive problem related to steering. I use Logitech G29 and in Logitech Profiler I set 270 degree steering angle, but the game seems not to care about it. At first launch it worked well as it should be. but then this happened (see the video). 1614521505505 - YouTube The game recognises the wheel correctly I guess as I have an access to FFB and wheel options, general steering angle seems to be OK but the game seems to treat it as a keyboard? I don't know. The slightest move makes the car steering maximum to the left or right. I hope you understand what I mean. Is there anything I can do? I had the same problem a few years ago with DFGT as far as I can remember.
  7. MateLeLe120

    setup tips to deal with understeer

    Hi, do you have any tips on how to bear with this unbelievable understeer? On some tracks it's horrible (e.g. Suzuka), I've tried lowering the anti-roll bar at the front, using different aero setups but none of these seem to satisfy me. On Suzuka the understeer is so horrible that's it's difficult to drive fast through the 1st sector. The same goes for the Spoon hairpin. If I use for example 6-4 or 7-5 aero the car is a bit less understeery but becomes very aggressive at the rear. I simply don't have an idea of how to deal with it. Any help? It only applies to selected tracks. I actually miss the possibility of changing the car balance back in F1 2018. If I apply more overall downforce for the car it eventually becomes driveable, then bots are waaay faster on the straight.
  8. MateLeLe120

    Invitational events too difficult

    AI Cars in Invitational Events tend to be too fast. I had to pass 4 cars using 1992 Williams on France with each of them having a headstart. It was nearly impossible for me as I caught the first cars only on the last lap, not even mentioning the 9 secs gap to the leader... My car was slightly faster than theirs and extremely understeery so I couldn't catch them, it doesn't matter how well I was driving. Same happened for me once with Renault R26 in Russia.
  9. MateLeLe120

    Error code NM14

    same problem here
  10. MateLeLe120

    David Greco's Handling, Driving and Setup Q&A

    Are these new 2020 cars less understeery compared to how it was in the previous game? Or how about FFB and the general feeling of the car? Has it been improved? I could notice an improvement during the beta but some people have reported that the final game's handling differs a bit from the beta.
  11. MateLeLe120

    G29 brake pedal issue

    Hi, I have probably created one thread about this, but I still struggle with my brake pedal in Logitech G29. The problem is that I get 100% reading in-game when the pedal is pressed in half. I still have like 50% of pedal travel. If you know what I mean. It's very difficult to drive cause every gentle touch of it results in locking front tires when playing without ABS assistance. I do realise that it's probably a software/firmware issue, I just want to know whether anyone else has this problem or this is just me. I've heard many different opinions. Reinstalling drivers didn't help and there is no way to set it up.
  12. Plz bring back inviting friends to a ranked lobby, I loved it back in F1 2018.
  13. MateLeLe120

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    you can see it
  14. MateLeLe120

    Our game experience

    the only one I have F1_2019_photo_20190709_173214.bmp I don't know how to insert a photo