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    Bugged time trial [R2]

    Thank you Hopefully this gets sorted as it done it on 2018 as well
  2. gottensix696

    Bugged time trial [R2]

    Hi I’ve just had the update and done a quick tt time round Britain and was faster than my lap I had but now for some reason the game isn’t saving my fastest lap and my name on the tt board is incorrect does anyone know why.
  3. So the codes etc haven’t been sent out yet??
  4. Have all the emails been sent out now then?
  5. I’m so so so so so excited over this can’t wait for the new game it’s gonna be brilliant 👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😔😔
  6. Just wondering when will we find out if we have been successful in being selected for the beta program??
  7. gottensix696

    Car Setup Presets for each track on F1 2018

    Hi the only advice I can give if you’re using no assists I use corner line only when league racing but on some tracks I turn line off....all I could say is drop the diff down so you’re using 50-75 this could help with getting on the power quicker you will get faster with practice