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  1. Devs at larger companies like this never make the release window nor prioritise the fixes and features, that is the task of some directors which are more looking at money than image and quality. If a dev/gamer was leading the company, this wouldnt have happened.
  2. I tried braking point yesterday, and I was able to play 5 chapters without any crash or autoshutdown. Then I quit by myself ;). Normally this session would have meant at least 3 crashes and like 6 full shutdowns. I think this issue has been shadowfixed in 1.07. I havent tried out replays/highlights, but it looks very good so far. Thanks team and @BarryBL :), the experience of the game has become so much better in 3 patches! If this game was to be released in september, this would have been one 10/10 game, but now I have very double feelings with it being the worst game at release i
  3. I am playing patch 1.06 right now, and can confirm, there are no framedrops anymore and the party is fixed! I think the ticket can be closed 😉 Thanks @BarryBLand the team, thanks for having this bug so high in the priority list 🙂 Time to alter my rating of the game on trueachievements.com 😉 Thanks again for all the work and feedback loops
  4. Dont forget to fill your bug in through the template ;). Heres the template which you can edit your OP into. Maybe add a video of the bug happening? A detailed description of the issue. Report Code Platform? Game-mode? [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here. [ONLINE] Were you the host? What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via
  5. I did not experience any difference between these cases as I just tested it out. What I did notice however, is that on performance mode the problems are less severe. Still there, but less severe
  6. Hey @BarryBL, Today I have updated all my earlier post to fix broken links and such. Have you had the chance to test the problem with the same headset as I and many others use, and what do you think of the code-workaround? Better a fix then no fix at all right : ) I came up with another idea to proof the problem. As you know, one of the symptoms of this bug is the party chat, and that goes both ways as I mentioned in the above bug report. What we can do @BarryBL, is that I invite you for a party, and then you can at least hear one of the bugs we all are experiencing. : ) What
  7. Thanks for the suggestion aussie, but I have 6 controllers (4 xbox one and 2 series X, both with an uptodate and some with older firmware versions). All 4 scenarios give the same outcome, and it is only with this game. So therefor I can say for certain that this game at least has an influence on an internal program, but most likely the game is entirely causing this issue on its own. Thanks again for the suggestion though. I really tried a lot in terms of changing settings on the xbox and the game. But no combination of settings creates a workaround for this issue. It literal
  8. While I get your point completely @Hennes8, without us and @BarryBL, tens of thousands of people would keep on experiencing this bug untill the new game came out. Which in turn they wouldnt buy because last years game had a bad experience which didnt get fixed. Im sure @BarryBL will be able to replicate this, as we are not even on the same console type as @Hennes8, and there are so many symptoms and so many people have the bug. Normally I would too have put in roughly a 100 hours, but currently I have only put in like 7 hours because of this bug with so many symptoms (framerate, audi
  9. Okay @BarryBL , I have quickly made a video. Not all symptoms are noticeable here, but if you watch my good video in the linked report, you will see them all. What is especially noticeable with this very video, is that the master sound of the game magically going up and down as I plug the headset in and out, when it is plugged in it is twice as loud. (note: my master sound setting in-game is not 10) The video below is: start headset in including framedrop symptom, pause, headset out, pause, headset in https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/FireStormHR/video/5184a35c-b44c-439f-a7b5-551c06e41275/e
  10. Yes exactly, the plugging and unplugging even works midgame in terns of adding removing the effects.
  11. Hey @BarryBL thanks for the headsup. I am using the default xbox wired headset, Ill attach a photo. Being in a party isnt even a requirement to experience the bug (although for the specific party symptom it is ofcourse, so 1 including me then haha). For me it is purely plugging in the headset, then all the symptoms appear I previously mentioned, framerate, audio, party etc. The mode doesnt matter, as I even have it in the menu.
  12. If the devs require another video or some info about my Xbox settings, let me know 🙂
  13. Im certain this is entirely a local/machine bug, so what the other player of the party is using will have no effect whatsoever. Also, it isnt just just about party lag. This headset-plugged-in-bug brings an entire array of symptoms: game audio cut out, frame drops reaching well below 60 fps in perf mode, party chat lagging for receiver as well as sender. Are you using the (most-used on xbox) default headset of microsoft, or are you using something else?
  14. Okay, then we can rule that one out 😉 Thank you so much for giving the headsup about the state of the bug: noted and with devs 🙂 I have a couple of more symptoms because of this bug, but I think the devs will automagically fix those by fixing the bug itself 😉 This is my extensive bug report including the other symptoms and a video Thanks again @BarryBL for keeping us in the know 😄
  15. Ive read from another thread it is specifically for all wired-headsets. So that could also be the difference with your test case? Ive a X so what youre saying can very well be the case ;).
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