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  1. It’s not that soon really. Already been going cheap on Steam and PS4 from time to time, pretty common for Codies games. I see, so it's something about codies games! 
  2. Just to let u know, this will be available From today through 29th september! I wonder why MS put this discount so soon??!! I'm surprised...well it's not a good sign
  3. Phil88TC

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    Ok There aren't sad races man! But for example i wouldn't watch a btcc or V8 Aussie race with only 12 cars, i want a big starting grid! It's all about the show
  4. Phil88TC

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    You are right, sure there are more important things that should be fixed but they give us different liveries for T.legends so they can add more cars! I want 4 Alfa Romeo to battle with 1) This will be fixed in an upcoming patch, you will be able to race 16 cars on the grid. 2) Have mentioned it to the team, hoping to have it fixed. 3) Will pass on your feedback regarding the garage pack. Let's hope this will be fixed on both PC and Xbox/PS! 1.Have u noticed the weird "Dancing Boot" of Alfa Romeo 155? It's the only car that after one or few Knocks in the rear bumper has the Boot goes up and down.. :D 2.I also noticed that if i race on hard/very hard in career i struggle but if i do it on custom cup races i finish 2nd or 1st it's more easy so it's just me or someone else can confirm this?
  5. Phil88TC

    Touring Car Legends and Alfa Romeo

    Just try to repeat the download and sooner or later u will be able to get it working properly!
  6. Ok, so give us for 3 Euros with their liveries too of course and will be fine! Take your time no hurry You seemed like you dont understand what Loore said. Those cars are not coming to Autosport. And I doubt they are in the same level as Cat A touring. The thing that make me go crazy is that codies made so many useless dlc with useless street cars that dobody cares and they left out these two awesome cars!!! This is what i don't understand and i will never understand....simply madness and laziness! nothing else to say.. If they dont want to do those touring cars, then, just let them be. It is not like they will release it once you ask them. What is there to do with laziness? Bring cars to another game isnt as easy as you think as there are licensing issues to deal with, physics tweaking, AI, and art assets upgrade. The road cars arent too bad to begin with as most of them are pretty fun to drive while touring cars is the largest discipline in the whole game. Having Touring Legends is great for touring. It is one of the most enjoyable class in the game. My endless disappointment It's just because it's a true pity that they left behind the Awesome VOLVO... i love that car!!! It's funny, we have it for the useless Grid 2 but we can't have it for Autosport... :'(
  7. I´m not alone!! XD, for an unknow reason i hate Hockenheim too, not for nothing special but for the worse player i am at this track (and many others)....my god!! i hate because i do it bad, bad, bad.....XDXD. It is a black beast for me, every race, TT,  Race or whatever!! I´m agree too that Touring should be in some Street tracks and reversed, many Supercars and Hypercars should be in circuits too; is s question of justice with the cars. Anyway, looking at custom cups online there´s many people changing this; Touring in Streets and Hypercars in circuits, is a waste of power drive some Hypercars and Supercars in Street tracks that doesn´t allow to push the gas, even someone can be done without touchog the 4th or 5th gear....too much power wasted in da streets!! XD Salute. I meant JARAMA not Jerez  lol o:) anyway for me it's ok to have Hypercars on street circuits because it's always an awesome carnage  >:) but we should have a mix of all circuits types for all disciplines!!!
  8. Phil88TC

    Cat C vs. Touring Car Legends

    The 12 cars should be fixed soon, will be upped to 16 :) Thanks for letting us know!!!  :D
  9. Phil88TC

    A few questions about Touring Legends

    16 car grid will only cover single player. You can't just patch on extra slots for online. I hope that patch doesn't just cover the DLC, it should cover all classes in all offline modes! You are right! I want 16 cars in every disciplines! 1) This will be fixed in an upcoming patch, you will be able to race 16 cars on the grid. 2) Have mentioned it to the team, hoping to have it fixed. 3) Will pass on your feedback regarding the garage pack. And let's hope you will patch the 16 cars for all disciplines and not only in CAREER MODE but also in CUSTOM CUP RACES and on SPRINT TRACKS TOO! I did some Custom Races on Sprint tracks with all Touring classes and Legends too and there are only 12 cars! yeah 4 more cars make a big difference to me! Bigger pack, more fun! Have u ever saw a race with only 12 cars?? If u say yes then it was a sad race
  10. I forgot: De La Sarthe; Croft; Oulton Park: Zandvoort and Zolder!
  11. Phil88TC

    LOOK WHAT I'VE FOUND.......... GAMEPLAY!!!!!!!

    Let's hope it's just work in progress for real!
  12. Phil88TC

    Project CARS

    And the music in the video is absolutely EPIC i could listen it forever!!! B)  Do you know if P.Cars will have Touring cars??
  13. Phil88TC

    Project CARS

    Project Cars will be AWESOME!!! The only doubt is about the physic...but for sure Slightly Mad Studios Knows what's is doing!
  14. I agree we should have had street tracks too for Touring cars in Career Mode and in multiplayer/racenet challenge too!!! But no we can only race on street tracks with the street discipline cars... just B0ll0cks!
  15. 1.Laguna Seca  2.Surfer Paradise 3.Barbagallo 4.Nurburgring-F1gp 5.Nurburgring Nordschleife 6.Suzuka 7.Monza 8.Imola 9.Estoril 10.Knockhill 11.Montreal 12.Singapore F1gp 13.Sochi(Russia) 14.Macao 15.Pau(France) 16.Korea and India F1gp 17.Valencia street F1gp I don't like, i hate: Algarve/Jerez and the new hockenheim circuit!