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  1. Hey, New to racing but learning fast and am looking for a North American League (I'm in Canada) as I want to race where etiquette and sportsmanship are taken somewhat seriously. I'm running no assists other than auto transmission and pit stops and racing at AI 60.
  2. ryguy76

    Looking for a North American evening (PST) league...

    Thanks! After reading the rules and seeing some posted TT times, I have a fair amount of work to do to get caught up. Will work toward this but I'm definitely not race ready yet.
  3. After being off sick from work recently, I stumbled upon the new Netflix F1 series and was instantly hooked despite never being a Motorsports guy before. Midway through the series, I bought the F1 2018 game on PS4 and have been messing around with it. I really like challenging myself so I decided to cut ties with most Assists after I got my feet wet on the Australia track. I'm using the DualShock but already looking at getting a Thrustmaster T300RS GT and a Playseat Challenge to fully commit to this experience. I know I have a TON to learn in this game and I quickly aborted the career mode after spending a couple days in it due to the fact that I felt overwhelmed and I thought I just needed to focus my efforts on learning one track at a time AND figuring out how to control the car with assists off, (the exception is racing line - I mostly keep this off but if I'm struggling with a corner, I turn it back on until I figure the corner out). I'm not more than a week deep into just running the Australia track in Time Trial mode now with assists off, practicing an hour a day or so. Getting used to no TC, braking assist and ABS took some real getting used to but I'm now able to get around the track at least while preserving a mediocre race line. My braking points and turn in points are what I'm concentrating on. What I'm wondering about is the general time it takes people to get consistent and get somewhat competitive. I don't really want to start racing AI until I can consistently get around the track several times without crashing or spinning out. From there, I'll start running the Practice sessions and learning car management but all my efforts now is learning to drive consistently with assists off. My best lap time on Australia isn't great, (1:31) but maybe ok for someone with no racing experience and not using assists? Am I going about this correctly? I figure if I keep grinding, it'll get better but I also don't want to find out I made a crucial mistake with my approach and get frustrated with managing expectations vs results either. Thoughts?
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    New to F1 and racing games...

    I’ve been messing with the Grand Prix mode and running some races. I am not impressing anyone but having fun with the assists all off and am managing to race a decent race, (at the back of the pack, mind you) with AI at a pathetic 10, lol. At the moment, I’m ok with this as it’s much more challenging with no assists and I see improvement with my consistency to run similar laps. I make mistakes here and there, but Flashback is nice to handle that. I’ll keep hammering away, but having fun.
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    New to F1 and racing games...

    I tell my kids the same thing about practicing. I got no issues with putting in the time but wanted to be sure I was taking a recommended and logical approach. I found out that changing cars from the McLaren with a 1:31 to a Ferrari allowed me to instantly shave off 2 seconds. With my 1:29 lap time, I decided to try a 5 lap grand prix race last night with AI set at around 25. The pole position was a 1:28 and I was mid pack for a few laps until I got wiped out so decided to call 'er quits for the evening. Lots of fun, but definitely not MarioKart!!