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  1. Sounding all nice and stuff, but... there are still some questions. ^^ 1. It sounds to me, like tuning in multiplayer is possible. How should that improve the experience? Honestly, when I drive online, I want to compete on absolute identical levels. Winning with a better car is, simply put, ridiculous. Bad enough, we have to experience that in real world racing, like Formula 1. I don't wanna know before start who's gonna win.And from my experience with maaaaany hours of online racing in GRID1, one with the 'wrong' car simply loses, if the competition is close. For instance the BMW in Touring Cars... hat no chance against the Lacetti. 2. Will the cars be balanced? As mentioned above, a 2% difference in close competition means losing, no matter what. And seeing everyone on the same car after some time would be sad, too. 3. Is the slipstream gone?! I don't know about GRID2, played it 5 minutes, but back in G1 it was way too strong. Someone in front had no chance of escaping and some less good folks had no problem flollowing, als long as they kept their minimum distance. On the other hand, if you lost contact to the front group, there was no chance you could ever catch them again, as they simply drove 1-2secs faster a lap. 4. Penalties...Will there be a rating system, that instantly shows, if someone can't behave on track?I just remember the rating-pie for the pay-drivers in GRID. Something like that would be sooo amazing and way better than a simple 'drove 400 races, won 50, 10 totals'... that says nothing about a player.But things like...-  'car control', taking into account how well you drive round a track and how often you put yourself into a wall- 'speed' - is this a good driver or an average guy? Wins, fastest laps, consistency- 'agressiveness/histility' - rating, how you behave with others, meaning how does the other car look like, after you (tried to) pass(ed) himextra category for stupid driving... wrong way, hitting others while way above average speed etc. That would REALLY help in finding players that suit your style. If there's a plain xp-system, I guess, with enough time everyone will end up at a high level and this again says nothing at all. 5. last thing - NoCollisionAgain, don't know about GRID2... In GRID it was unplayable, if you drove cockpit or bumper view. The others cars weren't transparent, so while driving 'on' them, you've seen nothing but the inside of their car. At least 5 totals on that account on my side. Well, that was my 5 cents... if any of that makes it into the game, I'd be glad! :D Photo