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  1. Hi, not sure if this is happening at other tracks but for me at Abu Dhabi, going through the 3rd sector, after you go through the long Double right hander approaching the hotel, when you turn right and then go to turn left under the hotel, the frame rate drops, im not sure what it drops to but there is a definite FPS drop, myself and a few of my friends have noticed this. This was on every single lap without fail in the same place on a 50% race on the original Xbox One. A fix would be appreciated.
  2. Can we have an option to turn these off, so we don’t get random DRS failures and stuff mid league race, honestly it’s seriously unfair in a league race situation having to do a Quali lap with no DRS or half a race with no DRS, you’re a sitting duck on the straights and can’t pass anyone, has happened multiple times to me and others