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  1. biggzy1867

    Ghosting brake marker boards

    So we all know the story, non assist users rely on brake marker boards for most corners, the problem is when you’re racing online a lot of the time people purposely take out the marker boards to make it harder for us. Maybe have an option for online only where the brake marker boards either ghost when a car hits them or they just respawn every lap if they’ve been destroyed.
  2. So i don’t know how many times we need to ask for this for Codemasters to pull their finger out and do it, but today’s qualifying session illustrated it quite well. Lewis Hamilton used a second set of Mediums for Q2, something that isnt possible on the game because our tyre allocations are chosen for us, we can have a maximum of one medium and 3 softs in short quali, and then in full quali we get one medium and 4 sets of softs with an additional set of softs if you get through to Q3, but again, only one set of mediums. This has to have been asked for since 2017 we need to be able to choose our own tyre allocations, if im racing at Bahrain which i know is a Medium to Hard strategy in a 50% league race, i want as many sets of mediums as i can get, the softs are garbage, i only need one set for the race in an emergency if theres a late SC or something. I wouldn’t expect something like this to be added right away but for the 2021 game and next gen consoles its a must for me.
  3. biggzy1867

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I mean obviously you’d still have the option to disable it yourself like with DRS, just add the ability for it to be disabled when you apply the brakes, you can still turn it off yourself, i thought that would be obvious tbh
  4. biggzy1867

    Overtake button as hold rather than on/off

    I think you have two options here. Either a push and hold like the old KERS system, or overtake is deactivated when you press the brakes, either method will solve the problems we are having.
  5. biggzy1867

    Qualifying Sim Program

    Let’s be honest. You do the quali sim program, you have to push the car to the limit in practice and you end up either 1st by a country mile or high up on the leaderboard, but you have shown your hand, you have shown your outright pace, its stupid, u dont see the Haas cars 3rd and 4th in practice cause they’ve given it some welly to see if they’ve got good quali pace, the quali sim program for career and my team needs to be altered, so i dont have to rag the car around to beat the time, i want to have a fair bit of time on the board for qualifying
  6. biggzy1867

    1.5% downforce on Xbox

    Hi @BarryBL can you just confirm for me, or anyone from codies cause there’s a bit of a discussion on twitter about this. Have xbox had the 1.5% downforce increase? And if we have, which update did it come in, cause i haven’t noticed a difference in how the car feels and i’m still 3 tenths off my Austria Pb from the beta. So have we had the increase or not? TIA.
  7. Hi, not sure if this is happening at other tracks but for me at Abu Dhabi, going through the 3rd sector, after you go through the long Double right hander approaching the hotel, when you turn right and then go to turn left under the hotel, the frame rate drops, im not sure what it drops to but there is a definite FPS drop, myself and a few of my friends have noticed this. This was on every single lap without fail in the same place on a 50% race on the original Xbox One. A fix would be appreciated.