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  1. So i’ll just upload a short video from the official F1 youtube channel that shows a different DRS zone for Jeddah between Turn 17 and Turn 22. Where as codies have put a third DRS zone between turns 10 and 13 which appears to be incorrect unless they’ve changed it??? p.s: sorry about the video being sideways, had to screen record. IMG_7986.MOV
  2. A detailed description of the issue - Quite simple really, I don't know if this is limited to just MyTeam I haven't had time to test other modes but Blue Flags do not exist for me. I am having to fight against back markers to get past. This happened in MyTeam at Austria and then again in Hungary. (i couldnt check SIlverstone as I didnt lap anyone). Report Code(s): KMDE-XTRC-AVAA-GTEG and SGEB-GVCG-HVAT-GTJG Platform? - XSX Game-mode? - MyTeam What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. - Not really much troubleshooting I can try. Any scr
  3. No idea mate, maybe sign up for it, download the Xbox update, then unsubscribe from it so it re-downloads the old Xbox software, just an idea 👍🏽
  4. It changed a few weeks ago, there’s a new app for it now. Make sure to download the app, and go into it and make sure ur insider account is deactivated. If it is then I can’t help you but double check my guy.
  5. @WOR f1ben23 @St3ALTHNiNja666 @Jas280 @ItGeorgester
  6. @BarryBL REJOICE! I have found the problem. I can’t take all the credit, it was actually thrustmaster who suggested this, and it has to do with the Xbox Insider Program. I would imagine everyone who is having this issue is subscribed to it and has a newer version of the Xbox software than others. You need to unsubscribe from the insider program, this is going to make you do the initial Xbox setup again and will make u download the old Xbox firmware, but it wont delete any games or anything. Just go through the setup again, make sure u dont use any old settings, start from scratch w
  7. @BarryBLi have been in touch with thrustmaster support and they sent me this reply. Dunno if it helps your guys investigation any. Haven’t tried it yet cos im out but will do later.
  8. That is exactly what I am experiencing right now. I am using a thrustmaster TX if that helps. It is working fine on PC and on the Xbox dashboard and the old F1 game and is up to date. Doesn’t work on the new F1 game.
  9. @BarryBLdon't suppose any of you guys have an answer to this? 1293052484_WhatsAppVideo2021-10-13at19_37_40.mp4
  10. I am having a similar issue myself where the game won’t launch but its only when my wheel is connected. The game launches fine when a pad is connected but when my wheel is connected it just returns to the dashboard everytime I launch the game. I’ll try and get a video up later.
  11. @BarryBLany update on this, it hasn’t changed to “with developers” or anything and it is a GAME BREAKING glitch
  12. A detailed description of the issue - Simple, at France I went to go into the pits to change to intermediates and as soon as the AI took over it proceeded to drive me into the right wall. It did this four times before returning somewhat to normal but it wasn't done there, the AI then drove me into the left wall repeatedly, it was as if it was trying to get back onto the pit straight. Eventually I lost my wing and the car kept on driving into the left wall until it got past my pitbox and glitched me back onto the start finish straight. Report Code - TRDG-MJBR-RRMM-GTJG Platform - X
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