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  1. SirSilverLXVIII

    Dirt Blurry 2.0 - NO MORE!!!!!!

    I have the one X and have it on 4k mode and since update 1.5 I have seen a real improvement on the car textures both exterior and interior along with trackside scenery. overall I am loving Dirt Rally.
  2. Worth the wait probably my favourite rallyx circuit in the game, loving it.
  3. Ok i just went on the store from the games menu and the option to install is now there, got there in the end.
  4. Its turning into a bit of a joke this now.
  5. SirSilverLXVIII

    New WRC 8 Gameplay Video and Analysis

    For me 30fps doesn't cut it for driving and racing games so ill pass.
  6. SirSilverLXVIII

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    New title thread " Latvia Rallycross: Not available for Xbox deluxe owners "
  7. SirSilverLXVIII

    Latvia Rallycross: Available Now

    Deja vu moment regarding xbox, deluxe owners suffering again.
  8. SirSilverLXVIII

    Patch 1.5 next week

    Well im going to give some positive thoughts on this update, first thing i noticed was the screen tearing has been addressed along with the weather effects and the car exterior/interior textures (xb1x) so well done CM. The audio cutout bug seems to have been resolved as well but its early days yet on that one but there is another audio issue on the service area screen which i think has already been flagged. Im loving the game despite the minor flaws 😊
  9. SirSilverLXVIII

    Season 1 Germany

    I know it has been hours i was quoting the post saying it was minutes.
  10. SirSilverLXVIII

    Season 1 Germany

    Im certainly not freaking out but come on a lot of us bought the deluxe version and this shouldn't be happening and to say itll be sorted out in a few minutes.
  11. SirSilverLXVIII

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - v1.3 - found a bug? Post it here!

    On Taylors farm sprint, the grid contact sound is not there on the replay, it's a really loud clang during the stage, and the evo X when hitting the gravel after a jump there is no contact sound.
  12. SirSilverLXVIII

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - V1.2 - found a bug? Post it here!

    Still getting the audio cut out issue on XB1X.