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  1. 1.Deluxe / Schumacher edition 2.Digital via xbox store 3. Cant remember 4. yes twice and both time got the correct amount
  2. Garymills84

    F1 2020 Podium Pass bug

    Same here I'm on xbox and my game is on version 1.01 with no update available,if had this since 1.30am and it's now 8.40pm,no info from codemaster aswell
  3. Garymills84


    I am on xbox and at 1.30am on the 7th I started getting this message and was no longer able to access the podium pass it is now 8.30pm on the 7th and still have the same issue,my game is currently on version 1.01 with bot update available, codemaster any feed back please
  4. Garymills84

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I applied for the f1 2020 beta how will I find out if I get in to the beta?