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  1. Ye I have this as well except I have a xbox one s and the internet cable to my xbox is a bit longer
  2. So I don't know if this is on purpose or not but when I clicked start in f2 for my driver career and when picking the number I noticed the numbers 8, 15, 20, 21, 23, 24 and 25 were missing. Seemed weird at first. When I selected 13 (I normally pick 15 but I couldn't pick it) and tried to select a number again the initial 2 where it was auto set on also dissappeared. Now I don't think this is because of the rules that there need to be 2 years in between race numbers to be used in the game as 26 (kvyat) and 27 (hülkenberg) are available options. Note to add when choosing to skip f2 these numbers
  3. Just had this issue as well where fuel consumption is insanely high losing me 0.2 laps of extra fuel per lap at spain, my team career mode now I wasnt lifting and coasting or anything but this seems like an absurd amount of fuel to lose over 1 lap Platform: xbox one s Report code: KXBH-XSXJ-TKPV-GDED
  4. Calm down bro, he was just pointing out where you can find the report code which is in the bottom left corner in the pause screen which could also be called settings/game options
  5. Here another one Platform: xbox one s Report code: DRSG-HHTA-EEGM-GDEG YouCut_20210717_142857177.mp4
  6. NAT type is open uPnP was already enabled aNd port 3074 is already enabled automatically on my xbox
  7. Since the 2020 italian GP (iirc) it's been prohibited to change engine modes in qualifying and in the race so they've added this in the game as well.
  8. My connection seems to be fine and I didn't have this issue on the previous f1 game at all. During the beta this glitch kept happening to me but when I switched back to 2020 there were no issues whatsoever. (I checked my internet settings and it had port 3074 which is in that list with needed ports, settings didnt show any weird things or other malfunctions)
  9. @RedDevilKT Report code: XGCB-DBSC-BHKM-GTEG I've added a video of the bug as well which contains the time between me getting in the lobby and getting the migrating host message with everyone leaving YouCut_20210713_225559847.mp4
  10. I've had this issue as well with every lobby I've joined, had it in the beta too. I play on xbox one s so must be a xbox issue
  11. So as I said whenever I join an online lobby I get into the lobby then after max 2 minutes I get the message migrating host followed by everyone leaving and me being the only left in the lobby (I assume this is the game disconnecting me from the original lobby), I have no issues with other games which have online play Mode: multiplayer Platform: xbox one s The amount of players varies from 2 to 20 I wasn't the host I've tried switching from wired to wireless connection which didnt help and hard resetting my xbox (multiple times) which didnt seem to help either
  12. So whenever I join an unranked lobby I get into the lobby, stay there for max 2 mins until I get the message migrating host where everybody leaves and I get thrown out again, had this issue in the beta as well. My internet is fine as I didnt have this issue on f1 2020. Do I have some settings wrong or is this just a bug in the game?
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