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    Hello from an ex-employee

    Then I can thank you for your efforts at codies that helped lead to Toca 2, Toca World Touring Cars, Brian Lara / Shane Warne Cricket 99, Colin Mcrae Rally and Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0. These games were beloved for my Dad and I when I was a kid.
  2. Many old racing games have great music. I would love them to return one day in a new title. Chicane Nagasaki Badger from F1 2001 Chicane Sunstroke F1 2001 Chicane The Drive Home F1 2001 The Chemical Brothers - Everything Must Go GT1 Feeder Just A Day GT3 Feeder Seven Days In The Sun GT3 Feeder Brand New Car GT3 Feeder Shatter GT4 Dirt Rally Replay Music 5 Day Wave Something Here - Dirt 4 Daiki Kasho - What To Believe GT4 Daiki Kasho - Day To Live GT5 Daiki Kasho - Edge of The World GT5 Daiki Kasho - We Are One GT6 Mirror System - Chic Psychedelic GT Sport FEAR - F1 2010 Formula One 2001 Main Menu Music PS2 Formula One 2001 Main Menu Music PS1 Formula One 2006 Dr Perceptron All menu tunes - PS2/3 Language Porter Robinson - Forza Horizons Colin McRae Rally 2 Menu Music Jonathan Colling Colin Mcrae Rally 3 Intro music - Jonathan Colling. Colin Mcrae Rally 1 Intro Music - Jonathan Colling No Fear Downhill Mountain Biking Flight Theme/Trick Trail Theme Need For Speed 2 & 3 Hot Pursuit - Romulus 3 Need For Speed 4 High Stakes - Callista Toca World Touring Cars - Overseer - 'Supermoves' Toca World Touring Cars - Theme Menu My list could go on of all the awesome music I like to listen to. If you could see some songs return from some older racing games which would you choose? What would be your ultimate playlist?