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  1. Comparing to real F1, the colour for Alpha Tauri and Williams (minimap, race results,...) are different. Is there a reason why ?
  2. Hi, I did a lot of races in spectator in the previous games and I will do the same with this opus. I noticed that when someone lost a bit of his front wing, or even when someone will box, we do not have informations in spectator mode. I think it would be interesting to add options like in Forza Motorsport 7 to see these details
  3. Honoka

    heineken sponser boards

    If you are in PC everything is possible. Like doing you own livery, with your own logo... a thing that should be in this game
  4. Honoka

    heineken sponser boards

    If you see the Hotlap presentation in Zandvoort by Codemaster (ans an other track) you will see them. But after that they removed them
  5. Honoka

    Item Shop and Diversity

    Yeah... they should do that at the beginning, it's not like it's a free to play. If F1 was free, it should be normal to have what we've got at the beginning. Brawhalla or Battle Royal games have this kind of thing with few contents at the start (because it's free and you pay to earn accessories) Here you paid the game around 50€ and you've got 3 liveries and 4 helmets. You have to pay more to get other items from the Season Pass and the item shop. Meanwhile, the item shop have only 3 more items from every category, and that's it. I hope they will add more as soon as possible bc seeing the same 12 items 17 days a row... ...
  6. Hello, Do you have anything else in your item shop ? It's been now two weeks and we have the same item over and over. It's like you only have 3 helmets, 3 liveries, 3 outfits etc...
  7. Honoka

    Logitech G920 buttons for next games

    Hmm I will not use that thing, and even if I use it I want to have a button to look backward. I think I'm not the only one
  8. Honoka

    Logitech G920 buttons for next games

    Ah,i didn't see the post sorry
  9. With the introduction of the overtake button in F1 2020, I think now it will be the perfect timing to make the LSB and RSB buttons enabled and available for the future games in Xbox One. It was very complicate to attribute buttons without those two in the previous games and now with a new interaction it will be even more [ For example: A is looking backward B is interaction with the HUD (engine, temperature, choice of tyre etc...) X is change the camera Y is the DRS button D-Pad for changing the fuel, more FW, change break balance ... Back is for the engineer or maybe for the flashbacks ] We don't have any other button available for the overtake button except the RSB and LSB buttons (which can be used in Project Cars 2 for example).
  10. Honoka

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Maybe this year 🤞 (Otherwise I'll get very unlucky for 4 years in a row)