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  1. KillianKily You don't need to ask every second for that.
  2. Comparing to real F1, the colour for Alpha Tauri and Williams (minimap, race results,...) are different. Is there a reason why ?
  3. Hi, I did a lot of races in spectator in the previous games and I will do the same with this opus. I noticed that when someone lost a bit of his front wing, or even when someone will box, we do not have informations in spectator mode. I think it would be interesting to add options like in Forza Motorsport 7 to see these details
  4. If you are in PC everything is possible. Like doing you own livery, with your own logo... a thing that should be in this game
  5. If you see the Hotlap presentation in Zandvoort by Codemaster (ans an other track) you will see them. But after that they removed them
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