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    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    @hoonhead Are you sure you added the database into right folder? :D Sorry, have no idea :/ Maybe try to install back the original database and restart the computer. Than change databases for the moded one. Hopefuly it'll work.About the textures. Never mind if you have weird textures like this. "You have to start once with modded data and restart with modded data." As you can see, the Lancer 9 Rally screenshot has a black Impreza in it. But it wasn't like this for BugMAN, so I thought the game is not working properlly to me.Hope my suggestions helped you, cos' all of your suggestions helped ME :)
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    I'm glad there are Flashbacks. It's hard to race for noobs like me without Flashbacks :/