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  1. KulibobCZ

    How to Fix Error code: e4669c75-58-58

    My WIndows Update keeps saying that the update is not suitable for my computer, tried the manual way, it only runs the exact same Windows Update. So I thought that I'm up-to-date, so I installed EasyFix, which does nothing at all. I'm kinda stuck... Edit: Solved by attempting the exact same for 4 times...
  2. KulibobCZ

    F1 2013 Classic Edition: 90s League (HRL)

    Is there a way to get the Classic DLC somewhere (even for money) so one can join?
  3. Hi all,I made a mod, which ADDS some DiRT 2 cars to DiRT 3. I also made the update, but you need to have basefiles and then you can use update.Mod doesn't work online, BUT !!! 1) Adds Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9, BMW Z4, Honda Ridgeline, Nissan 350z and more!2) There's just 1st update out, so more updates with bugfixes and more cars are gonna come soon! Known Bug: For the first time your textures will look weird. Something like this:You have to start once with modded database, take any added vehicle on track, than quit game and restart with modded database. All cars: Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 | Gymkhana      Honda Ridgeline | Gymkhana      Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 | Rally Open      Mitsubishi Eclipse | Rally Open      Pontiac Solstice | Rally Open      BMW Z4 | Rally Open      Nissan 350Z | Rally Open      Subaru Impreza N12 | RallyCross      Pontiac Solstice GXP | Trailblazer Modern (NEW!!!) Update contains: Pontiac Solstice GXP | Trailblazer Modern   Custom Car Tiles | All by me, so if something goes wrong, don't worry and contact me   Car names | Changed from <db_nissan_350z_veh_sel_name> to NISSAN 350z (ex.) Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Pff1LtCeLU     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baDQLUSt460     http://youtu.be/TWVbFXbH8uE Special thanks to: Cédric Cappelle - For telling me how    BugMAN / Petr Marian - For testing whole mod and telling me some bugs I removed Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/r0ybilqr1i76nn6/DiRT+3+-+DiRT+2+cars+mod+by+Kulibob+CZ.rar                 or  http://uloz.to/xGpqWJcE/dirt-3-dirt-2-cars-mod-by-kulibob-cz-rarUpdate download link:https://www.mediafire.com/folder/cm2590p2ago3s/Update_2.0
  4. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 2 Ravenwests

    Hey guys, Codies, is it normal to have a Ravenwest livery for Subaru Impreza (all spec.)? Maybe I downloaded it from a diferrent site, But I got it after buying Racedriver: GRID, so maybe it has something to do with it? Thanks for answer :)
  5. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 4 Ravenwest???

    Could be pretty awesome to get Ravenwest Motorsport liveries after having GRID Autosport as well as in DiRT 2 ;) "Ravenwest are back" you said before releasing GA, so why not to mean it completely? ;)
  6. EN: Will be any czech track in GRID Autosport? Most or Brno? I would be so happy.... :)CZ: Bude v GRID Autosportu jakákoliv česká trať? Most nebo Brno....? Docela rád bych je tam viděl :)
  7. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    When I put the original database into the game, I only get to drive and see those 3 new cars (only 1 livery for each, although more for these cars were added). The rest, looking at the numbers of cars, they appear as added. But the car tile is just not there. And I do know about Miczelov's Subaru mod, I've been waiting for his Steam release for a long time. I tried to add a car to Miczelov's mod, but it doesn't appear, again.
  8. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    I already found out that it works on Steam, buut again, only adds 3 cars.
  9. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    Hi kAR12Gaming (I assume you are Nick's fan. On the other hand I'm sorry)! Are you using the Steam version? Because if you do, you'll need to switch to GFWL version (non-steam). But if you do use the GFWL version, I'd try to reinstall the mod and make sure you installed everything in the right directory.
  10. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    Hello and sorry for that long delay. Which wheel do you mean? You'll need to specify the question more.
  11. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    It has worked weirdly on GFWL version, but on Steam version it shouldn't work at all. You still might be lucky, I know some people having it on Steam....
  12. KulibobCZ

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    I agree with the option of tyres, headlights, louder and more active crowd. And of corse stages :D
  13. Some you haven't seen yet, like Scion tC liveries can be found at www.kulibob.wz.cz
  14. KulibobCZ

    F1 2014 100% Career On Youtube

    Welll, let's ask @aarava‌ . He's doing really good 100% Ultra modded career :smiley: 
  15. KulibobCZ

    What Is Your Favorite Discipline In The DiRT Series?

    I like both, but RallyX way more ;)
  16. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 4 Ravenwest???

    Guys, I just thought to add extra livery, not whole team :smiley: 
  17. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 GFWL Problems FAQ

    Hi, Me and some other dudes around the Europe have problems with GFWL since 24th Dec 2014. During the day, it works fine, but in the evening it's impossible to play, we get disconnected from GFWL, then connected again , but then we get disconnected for the last time. It doesn't work 'till 10 a.m. next day. It used to work 'till Dec24 normally and we haven't changed a single thing. Is there a way to fix it please? Could anyone help us? Thanks a lot for answers :) - Kulibob ,  BUGman czech , Sevi czech , Pon3h liborekii ,  Asty , Codemasters213 , Garage1647 ,  Levikee7 // yup , all of us :(
  18. KulibobCZ

    What are Your Top 5 Rally Cars?

    1. Polo WRC 2. Peugeot 208 (any CAT.) 3. BMW M3 E30 4. Lancia 037 Rally 5. Škoda Fabia (S2000, WRC, I don't care :smile: ) (6.Škoda Felicia :grinning: )
  19. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 2 Ravenwests

    Yea, NoFear Gold was the same story as the RWs, used to be strange for me :D Thanks for infos ;)
  20. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    @Paola1969‌I already know about this issue. Fix is gonna come out in next update
  21. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    That would be great! Of course I'm givin' you permissions :smiley: 
  22. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    @Maseratti‌Thanks! And yes, I'm working on this mod but only in my free time (not much of it :neutral_face: ) and yea, they should be named GR.N :smiley: ACAT just changes database, so I have to do a new version of this mod, based on ACAT / Ultimate MOD (Made by BSY CZE). So don't worry, improvements are coming soon.
  23. KulibobCZ

    What's your favorite track?

    I love Yas Marina, HockenheimRing, A1 / Red Bull Ring, Mont Treblant, Washington and San Francisco. And almost forgot of Brands Hatch :D
  24. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    Yes, I made it like this but I was planning to change all the physics (BHP, weight and so on). It's not compatible, you can modify the database, but don't release it anywhere, please.
  25. KulibobCZ

    DiRT 3 - DiRT 2 Cars MOD (2nd update coming soon!)

    @hoonhead Yes, the cars should show up in the menu. I'm really sorry, that I am not able to help you with this problem. I really don't know the reason.