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  1. st1tcherch

    Ultrawide support, Codies show UWA some love!

    on CHG90 32:9, 3840x1080 the hud is properly positioned on left and right.
  2. I have this too. I randomly have no dash when I do the qualifying lap. In the races, I normally always have the dash.
  3. It is a small thing, but it would help with the overall polish. When using a 32:9 monitor the badges in the loading screen before a race are blurry (low res). Specifically the first badge is the worst. It would be nice if some higher resolution imagines could be used.
  4. st1tcherch

    Rumble strips

    Ive been reading about these curbs but I ride the hell out of the curbs and I have no experience or them being ice. Are you using controllers? Im using high-end wheel.
  5. st1tcherch

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Using Simucube Pro ans D-box. I’ve gotten steering to something driveble and at a point I can enjoy the game but what really brings it to life is my D-box motion. It feels great and takes this game to a fun level.
  6. st1tcherch

    PC - OSD 21:9 scaling.

    I’m on 32:9 and don’t experience this. Could be 21:9 specific.