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  1. Thanks @Hoo - I'll await version 1.05 in that case. I don't think the controller settings are related to my issue, it's a little more involved than that: I'm talking about the feedback I get through my seat, driven by Simcommander SimVibe (which uses the telemetry output from the game). Last year SimCommander / SimVibe never adopted the new F1 2018 UDP structure, so I had to write my own UDP converter app for F1 2018, to convert the new structure back to the legacy structure, so I could run the latest UDP structure to drive my F1 wheel replicas which use SliMaxManager and the latest
  2. Hi @Faya @Hoo I have trawled every menu in the game, but cannot find a 'Your Telemetery' setting. I'm running in Windows 7 (directx 11) The reason I'm looking for it is because I'm getting a strange issue where I'm not feeling any car motion, road bumps, engine revs etc when I'm driving. However, when the computer is driving (e.g. before starting a flying lap in qualifying, or driving out of the pits) everything is working and feels good. I was thinking it could be something to do with this setting, but I cannot find it to set it to Public. Thanks
  3. Ah, I'm guessing it's this in the car telemetry data packet. uint8 m_surfaceType[4];
  4. Hi @Faya I can't see terrain tyre contact type in the motion packet table. It looks the same as the 2018 version.
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