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  1. rtsg0d


    So I can't seem to log in to racenet on any of my games anymore since GRID AS has been released. I can access racenet on my browser, but while in game it never connects. I still can play Multiplayer in F1 2013, but can't do the racenet challenges. I've tried relinking my steam account. I've created a new account and linked my steam to that. I even tried to access racenet in game with it unlinked in hopes it would ask for login info. Nothings worked. I'd really like to play online with Grid AS.
  2. rtsg0d

    Looking for a PC league.

    I dunno how well I'd do with the old school cars :P I like em but haven't actually raced em online. Might give it a shot once I get a feel for em
  3. rtsg0d

    Looking for a PC league.

    America. I'm F1XL Justin on the 360 league :D
  4. rtsg0d

    Legend Racing League (Xbox360 & PC)

    Seen on the website there was 15/16 drivers in the PC league. By chance you still have an opening? I'd be interested :)
  5. rtsg0d

    Looking for a PC league.

    I got a couple free days during the week to do some racing. So if there are any PC Leagues lemme know. Preferably Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday. But depending on the time I can make any day work.