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  1. After the update I now have functionality with the middle dials. The rocker switches and rotary thumb encoders still don’t work. Also, I’m on the PS4 console. Can anyone else confirm what functions work?
  2. What mount is holding your Xbox controller? I’m interested in trying this out myself.
  3. JoeBreezy07

    Engine Temps

    You can use telemetry applications to view engine temperatures. Check out race dash on iOS or sim dashboard on google play.
  4. JoeBreezy07

    Fanatec Formula V2 button mapping

    PC isn’t as much an issue. You can sideload software making both thumb wheel encoders function. Consoles is the main issue.
  5. JoeBreezy07

    Fanatec Formula V2 button mapping

    What system do you play on?
  6. JoeBreezy07

    [PC] Fanatec Multi Position Switch working

    I contacted Fanatec and Codemasters by phone. Fanatec has provided all necessary files to Codemasters. Codemasters will not confirm whether or not these extra features will be implemented. Other threads suggest this wont be possible on Xbox, however, can work on PS4. Codemasters told me the developers are well aware of the issue and are looking into it. I wouldn’t hold your breath. It seems like it will only be addressed if a large enough concentration of complaints and YouTube videos are posted.
  7. I also bought the flagship Fanatec Clubsport Wheel F1 2019 for PS4. None of the thumb wheel encoders, rocker switches, or dials in the middle work. And I agree, no vibration felt from the wheel itself. is this wheel ever going to function @Faya?