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  1. You are 1 month late with your F1 2021 Beta registration.
  2. Hi You are 1 month late with your F1 2021 Beta registration. It is not known when the F1 2022 beta will be because it is not known when the game will come out
  3. Please do it according to the template and do not start duplicate threads
  4. Please do it according to the template and do not start duplicate threads.
  5. Testers have signed an NDA stating that sharing gameplay is prohibited and will be banned from the beta forever
  6. Where do you get this information from? As far as I know there were 2 leaks on Youtube that showed the F1 2021 game.
  7. I do not agree with the guidelines you proposed because: 1) Anyone can turn on the game and earn hours in 2020 or an older edition of the game 2) Beta is not about driving as many kilometres as possible, it is about finding bugs that should be eliminated 3) It wouldn't be fair if someone who tried really hard and reported the best for example in the 2020 beta couldn't compete in the 2021 beta. 4) Why should numbers in most cases decide who should get in and who should not 5) Everyone has their own life. Maybe someone has an accident, e.g. power failure, internet, a lot of studying an
  8. Pawel567


    Hi Big request to you guys. DO NOT create new threads such as: When will the beta be available? When will the codes be given out? etc. because Barry himself will write when everything is ready. Be patient. The Codemasters people are working really hard to make sure F1 2021 is polished and beta closed with as few bugs as possible. Let's respect them
  9. In my opinion, it's very cool and well done to the faces of the drivers that we know historically drivers will be playing F1 2021. I think it's a good step in a positive direction.
  10. Once Barry has processed the applications and it takes him some time so only he knows when the codes will be sent out
  11. If you did it on 10 May before 12 bst, you still have a chance, but if you did it after 12 bst, then unfortunately you are too late
  12. Barry himself will write to us when he has finished reviewing the applications and will inform us that the candidates have been selected and the codes will be sent to the successful candidates
  13. I believe he will respond to Barry in a similar(or identical) way as below about turn 10 in Spain. We have to be patient and wait for the official information about F1 2021
  14. If there was crossplay in F1 2021 it would be great news. It would benefit pc,xbox,ps
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