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  1. Hi @BarryBL Why worldwide F1 2021 game against F1 2020 has become more expensive from 20% to even 450% in Argentina? Are these game prices final? Will they change before the release?
  2. Pawel567

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Happy birthday @BarryBL!
  3. Pawel567


    Hello I would like to invite you very warmly to the PCS league. We are just in the middle of the season. We have two splits adjusted to the players' skills. Split 1 is on Saturdays at 18 CEST and split 2 on Mondays at 20 CEST We cordially invite you to it and wish you a nice stay. Assists: Brake Assist - Off Racing Line - Full Fuel Assist - On ERS Assist - On Gear Box - Automatic Pit Lane Assist - Off Pit Release Assist - On Race Starts - Manual Link to Discord https://discord.gg/vXSEdDU
  4. @BarryBL Will there be a (short track version) Bahrain paddock (F1 2020 game) or Outer(real 2020 season) in F1 2021? Bahrain Paddock: Bahrain Outer
  5. This is how Barry replied
  6. Will all new tracks (Imola , Poritmao and Jeddah) be available immediately (pre-release) or will they be in free updates (so, for example, in August or September)?
  7. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    What do you mean?
  8. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    @BarryBL can't give any information until codemasters release any trailer so be patient. From what he's said recently, it looks like there will be more information about F1 2021 soon (guessing by the end of this month). Let's be patient and we will know soon.
  9. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    If Imola and Portimao are not there, they will lose a lot of marketing, so they will probably move the release date of F1 2021 to August or even September so that these tracks will be there from the beginning of the game's release.
  10. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    Why do you think that?
  11. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    As far as I know and have seen, you can't because they immediately hide it or delete news (speculations) about F1 2021, so you better not publish it here
  12. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    F1 2011 is Instabul Park in the base game and the rest in mods
  13. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    Rumour has it that the Canadian GP and the Brazilian GP (San Paulo) are under threat. If they are cancelled, the Turkish GP and the Sakhir GP will take their place. Will they be in the game? We do not know. Istanbul Park is also in F1 2011 , AC , Project Cars 1 and 2.
  14. Pawel567

    F1 2021 game

    Use English in accordance with forum rules. Language The language of the forums is English and we request that you only post in English. You may post in another language if you provide an accurate English translation. If you post in another language and do not provide an accurate English translation, your post may be removed.
  15. Pawel567

    F1® 2021 | Pre-Season Testing

    Hi A very interesting proposal. I think people would love to take part in something like this. I like the concept very much and if there was a chance I would take part. I look forward to further details of this project Yours sincerely Pawel567