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  1. Adapter company "Adapter Microsoft Wireless USB PC" Yes I have updated the pad software to the latest version and still no vibration.
  2. I have the bluetooth adaptor latest version.
  3. Yes, I connect via a wireless (bluetooth) adapter but unfortunately I do not have a cable to connect the pad with the pc.
  4. I was already afraid that I was the only player who had this problem. Thanks for your reply to my ticket. You will help us @BarryBL@Hoo@PJTierney?
  5. Detailed description of the problem. When I want to play on the pad MICROSOFT XBOX Series X controller and I connect the pc adapter and drive a track I have no vibration at all (no ffb) Report code Platform? PC Game mode? Any [PC ONLY] Please post a DXDiag, including your motherboard make and model. What troubleshooting methods have you tried? List everything you have tried. Any screenshots or video showing the problem? - How did you get the problem to occur? Connect the Pad to your PC and play any mode DxDiag.txt
  6. A very worthwhile video. It can be recommended to new users learning to drive F1 in leagues.
  7. To be honest they could have delayed the release of F1 2021 by a month to add new tracks from the start + update a couple of existing circuits and it would have been more beneficial marteking. Same for Aston Martin's SC or qualifying as a sprint race. But we should enjoy what we have and play F1 2021. If anyone thinks F1 2021 is a poor game then sell your account.
  8. I will try to do it this way.
  9. Driving in the rain in F1 2021 with average or no traction is not possible because when I step on the gas, suddenly my car flies and I spin/land in a bandaid. Please help me with this issue of how to drive in the rain because for me it is impossible to drive and I hope they fix it in the patch.
  10. Yes, it's true that 35% of the race is available for e-sports, but it's a pity that it's not made available to everyone.
  11. Hi I bought myself an XBOX Series X pad a week ago and am learning to drive F1 2021 on it. What calibration and vibration settings do you have because I don't know if I have a good one ? Does anyone have any advice on how to drive on the pad? Thank you in advance for any advice
  12. @MisterJes @RaserPaulI have now searched the internet and cannot find this article where this was the case. The only one I found was this https://racinggames.gg/f1/f1-2021-tracks-short-circuit-alternate-layouts-opinion-news-updates-ps5-release/ Let's wait until 12/13 July and see if they have changed or not.
  13. As far as I know (Codemasters even talked about it ) they have changed the short layout in Bahrain and it will be like it was in the Sakhir GP.
  14. @JacklimbHDI don't understand your statement at all.
  15. It will most likely be in the afternoon/evening hours of July 12 (Europe) or July 13 after midnight (0:00-1:00).
  16. This is also an interesting suggestion that can be put into practice. Unfortunately, I have no idea, but I can.
  17. This is a very good hint to my suggestion and fitting.
  18. I would like to propose to add new race distances of 35% and 75% or other distances. The game modes in which these distances are proposed should be everywhere The benefit of the suggestion by adding these distances, players will be able to test themselves on distances other than those currently in the game (3/5 laps 25% 50% and 100%). This is missing in the latest editions of the game starting with F1 2012. F1 2010 and F1 2011 distances like the ones I suggested were very cool. A player for whom 25% is not enough and 50% is too much would choose 35% or a player for whom 50% is not e
  19. Hi I have the same as you above but the reason is that the game is not out yet and we cannot play it. Most probably the further download of the game + update will happen on July 12 in the evening (CET time) or on July 13 at 0:00 (CET time)(If I am wrong then let @BarryBL or a moderator correct me). Now we have to be patient.
  20. You are 1 month late with your F1 2021 Beta registration.
  21. Hi You are 1 month late with your F1 2021 Beta registration. It is not known when the F1 2022 beta will be because it is not known when the game will come out
  22. Please do it according to the template and do not start duplicate threads
  23. Please do it according to the template and do not start duplicate threads.
  24. Testers have signed an NDA stating that sharing gameplay is prohibited and will be banned from the beta forever
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