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  1. TITLE Carpart fixes are saved and service time reset when force exiting the game and restart the event in progress. REPRO STEPS 1. Make sure your car has heavy damage so you need to fix alot of parts 2. Start an event. In my case this was Monte Carlo 3. Fix some of the parts 4. Start the 1st stage 5. Try to terminal damage your car somewhere in the stage 6. When the menu prompts to go back to service, dismiss this so you go to the next menu to continue/view replay 7. Alt-Tab and force close the game by for example rightclick the game in the taskbar and choose Close Window 8. Start the game again and the same event which still is in progress state 9. You'll end up again in service for that 1st stage 10. Go to repairs and now you'll see the previous fixed were saved and you now can fix the other parts :)
  2. Maybe not entirely a bug: When playing rally via my team and you crash your car so heavy, you do not have enough time to repair your car at the next service. Then if you use the recommended repairs option, it always wants to repair the lights first, but there is not always a night or evening stage in the next 2 stages. So this doesn't make any real sense to repair those first as they take ALOT of time for being replaced.
  3. Didn't look at it that way yet, but still.. It's confusing as every other game and DR1 use the splits as you are the last driver on the stage. Never seen the current behaviour before. Also the "class leader" in the left bar is confusing then, but then again is completely normal if you look at it how you told me now. Thanks for clarifying, Civarello
  4. I haven't read the whole thread, but I didn't see it in the post which lists all the reported bugs. In Career, I have a bug where I'm 1st in the stage with 22 seconds in front, but when seeing the leaderbord afterwards, I'm 2nd .. See screenshots in attach. I have this alot! I just played further in Argentina and eventually got to 1st place, but in the last stage I crashed and lost 20 seconds while I only had a lead anymore of around 13 seconds. The guy on place 2 should have overtaken me in the ranking, but he stayed 2nd with a few seconds behind me. It didn't make any sense. I was glad I finished 1st, but it's difficult to know when I have to push or when I have some spare seconds left.