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  1. Hi, I don't agree on removing the 5 restart limit. Well, at least not just "remove the limit", there must be either something like a "pro career" mode, or an option to limit restart, but which will give you greater rewards or something like that. I'll try to explain why I don't want this limit to be removed: I bought this game (and not Dirt 4 or WRC or others rally games) because it is more realistic than others, and aim to an audience that wants a more simulation/hardcore game. I'm not saying that this game is pure simulation of course, but it is certainly more a simulation than other rally games (except RBR probably). What I enjoy in this game, is going on a series of stage, knowing that I am not allowed to drive recklessly, and I must drive as fast as possible BUT really safe as well. Knowing that if I mess up too bad a corner I won't be able to restart to undo my mistake makes the experience really thrilling. If you remove the limit, I'll know that if I crash, I can restart as much as I want, so I'll tend to try to drive faster (consciously or unconsciously) and crash more. Here, most of you will tell me "but if you don't want restart, just don't use it you idiot!". => Problem is, I'm human, and when I crash I'm sometimes frustrated, so there is a little voice that will say to me "hey just use a restart and your mistake will be undone..." and it's difficult to resist sometime. I mean, can you resist to all temptation in life ? People are smoking although they would want to stop, they are spending too much money and would want to spend less but can't resist, they eat too much chocolate even if they know it's bad and they should stop... TLDR: I would loose the excitement and fear of crashing, which is what I'm looking for in this game, and also what the devs wanted to provide.