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  1. Will the new patch bring a solution to the xbox problem? Disconnecting ffb in session, Thrustmaster tmx.
  2. Platform - Xbox Series X 2. Thrustmaster TMX 3. Game - modes played - I test time trial and co-op carrier -> FFB is away every 40-45 minutes 4. Detail when the fade happen - every 40-45 minutes. Restarting the steering wheels helps 5. Firmware: 15 / Driver: 6. I have ffb set to 40, the steering wheels od not overheating. Yesterday, when i was driving in the time trial, the force feedback did not turn off for an hour of driving. ( Including one change od track)
  3. @ BarryBL Cześć. Barry, moje miejsce jest dokładnie takie samo jak ludzi powyżej. Po 45 minutach gry (testowałem sondę czasu) ffb wyłącza się, ponowne uruchomienie kierownicy pomaga. Mój przyjaciel ma dokładnie ten sam problem. Platforma Xbox seria X Thrustmaster tmx
  4. Me and my two friends have an identical problem. after 45 minutes of play, force feedback turns off and returns after restarting the steering wheel. We all own the thrustmaster tmx
  5. Probably the codemaster will solve it. How much would I give if all the buttons on the steering wheel could be mapped on the xbox ...
  6. not a good solution, but it helps to disconnect the steering wheel from the power supply and turn it on again
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