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  1. why I added at the end "

    22 hours ago, Nine-Red said:

    and if you did nothing please investigate was caused it to go wrong.

    because whatever happened the steering and feeback went very strange, also seems to have cured most of itself after yesterdays update.

    but now there are lots of other issues, not bad for nearly 30 years of making racing games

  2. well I said in a post many weeks ago that the only thing wrong with the FFB IMO was down to user, as it worked fine, maybe not the best but with settings done right it worked.

    But what oh what oh what did you do with the update on 6/7 May because now no matter what you do the FFB floats about in a straight line, seems delayed and I have a 2inch central deadzone that is impossible to get rid of.

    why you even did anything is beyond me, in a post I read by @cristinamc I think, it was said nothing was going to be done as you felt it was ok, most of the complainers are probably on controller and don't even know what FFB is, but whatever has happened since that update it is nearly impossible to enjoy the game like beforehand,

    Please put it back or put it right.

    and if you did nothing please investigate was caused it to go wrong.

    Many thanks v v v

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  3. @ChristinaMc  thanks for the reply, suppose I got a simple answer, but at least we have it confirmed we will get them, just hope it's not when you receive your next 30 years trophy :).

    only real bug I can think of from the last one was not having the ability to close application and cheat restart, if that can be de bugged then that would be brill, total host control over all settings would be brill too :)

    anyway thanks for confirmation.

  4. Can we just be told if we are getting Leagues and if so when can we expect them, many are wanting this and many are waiting for this, time trials are ok but with many corner cutting and a 1000 restarts it is rather easy to do well at them, leagues was always the best for friends to have genuine competition and it was a one shot pony, please please please can we have this and can we have this question answered one way or the other, many thanks Nine Red.

  5. well I have had a quick read through most of above and it just makes me so glad I don't PC game, pay my £350 plug in my wheel and go, simples :)

    to the thread in hand .

    ADAPTABLE TROPHY not popping still, done it many times on 5 different countries and is all that is stopping me getting my first platinum for a very long time as never usually bother, completed all new dlc trophies just to see if it helped. please fix

    LIVING THE DREAM took me 6 times buying all five cars and re selling them, this cost me 1.5Mil in credits to finally get it to pop, not happy with loss but it is done now.

    FFB this subject baffles me as it works fine.

    TUNING in service areas needs to be added/sorted.

    LEAGUES/CLUBS MODE also needs adding.

    RESET LEADERBOARDS, now corner cutting sorted or when confirmed it is working, but asap would be best.

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  6. yes I totally agree with you on this one, does not make sense that you start a weekly/monthly on a setup and find your stuck to it for the entire event, the idea of the service area is to repair and adjust your car.

    This needs to be corrected asap IMO, most struggle with getting a good setup without excessive testing and having the time to do that said testing and with so many daily/weekly/monthly challenges to do it would make sense to be able to adjust on the hop between stages.

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  7. Congratulations guys on your fourth place,

    gutted for you that you missed out on a trophy due to penalties paid, kinda know the feeling though and I paid the penalty of £75 (DR2.0) and can't get 3 trophies 🙂

    ahh well sure we'll keep racing and trying lets hope we both have better luck with the next trophies 🙂

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  8. same issue here, I have done three different countries 5 attempts in total and definately used all combinations of weather and track wet/dry and even set it up twice live on stream to get viewers to check I was not going mad, also the other two trophies you mention and possibly one more are not popping.

    I should be at the stage of all trophies complete by the end of tomorrow night at latest Thursday evening and will be posting the failed trophies and also screen shots for tech to look at, been a long time since I bothered to try and get a platinum on a game and the one I decide to go for is full of glitches, just my luck :




    "Keep It Rubber Side Down" 🙂

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  9. just signed in to psn and Game to check in case of update/download for new cars and to collect my events credits as last time I waited till late on and then had to wait for downloads to be able to drive, this time it was just a message saying I could get the BMW M1 and OPEL MANTA from store, plus a credits drop, so I pressed X to continue, the main screen came up which usually has a red tag saying rewards available.

    THIS WAS NOT THERE AND ALL NEW EVENTS were showing and NO PAY OUT for the last monthly's, weekly's and yesterdays daily's, I have spent the last four days with excessive hours to complete these as to complete my, team, cars I want and also to near complete my trophies, so this needs to be corrected. also seen on stream doing them.

    can you tell me if this can be resolved, just messaged some friends to see if they have has same issue, will add to this when get reply.

    many thanks



    "Keep It Rubber Side Down"


  10. Don't normally get into Forum trollguments and all the moaners coming in and saying this game and that game are rubbish and we want the cars to be red or this game is good on pc because it's been modded, but here's my ten pence worth.

    @CV65, Richard burns rally was a total waste of space. I had it on release and it was just a carbon copy of Colin McRae games, yes it probably would have changed and advanced but we all know what happened, so with respect to a Top rally driver and great guy i'll say no more. It was only made any good from what I can gather by being hacked/modded and made so called better like that, back in the day if something was hacked/modded then people like you came in forums and complained that games were being hacked. yes it can be a pain in the a## when things aint right but you have a set of rules,settings and the equipment to use it on so find out what you got to do and come and show us your metal. Or maybe go buy a mountain bike simulator then you can compare the realism to what you are used to in real life :).

    COLIN McCrae 2 was and still is probably the best rally game ever !!! FACT > on the basis of pure release content and game play, just a pity it was when graphics were new, so picture quality was poor, (just a quick dig at codemasters here, the latest games do come across as a bit of a rip off, due to lack of content and paying to get even half the content and cars that came with a game namely cm2 which you released nearly 20 years or more ago, where has your company pride gone) oh yeah F1 I forgot.

    As for the people who are moaning about the ffb. I myself personally don't understand the issue, think most people expect to turn on and go without doing any work to make things work, or have found some fantasy settings that have worked in the past and because they don't work on a more modern game there not happy because mummy can't help them get it right, tech moves on and so do your settings. check out a certain video site youthingy lots of people post settings and car setups, if you look enough you may notice that all are rather different, now aint that strange, maybe setting up a car and a wheel could be down to personal preference, every setting will alter so many things and other settings need to be adjusted to make it all come together. if you think you go to a car manufacturer and bolt all the race gear onto the car and just go your very mistaken, tweek your game settings, FFB settings and most definitely your Car settings. one affects the other and no two people will be the same.

    Simulator/Arcade thing is so old news as said above, if you want to get any of the racing games/simulators to work you can with the right knowledge and know how or maybe you should stick to the ones where you are in Auto, 3rd person view and can put fancy body kits on them and bounce off buildings to be fast, it's also about time someone grew some and made a game without any aids at all and made one fits all if it's on the race car in real life then we all got it, if it's an early car with nothing then we all got nothing, I suppose that would then be classed as a simulator, as it is simulating real life, I'm sure arcade is pacman other arcade games are in my thought's and available 🙂 sorry mr copyright man just plucked the 1st random one out my head 🙂


    And just before any silly little boys come screaming at me about this post, I DON'T CARE, I've done 15 years of various real motorsports and over 2o so years of simulated racing and regularly show on leaderboards on my favoured format PS4 , Even though i'm knocking on a bit now and maybe not quite as sharp as I was a few years back, admittedly I do think a little more effort could be put into the games and not just be blasted out for a quick cash in, but unfortunately money rules the world, have posted a topic listing for the CLUB MODE to come back as I think it is missed for friend interaction other than having to all be live at same time, take a look and add signature, it would be appreciated.

    Me and my trusty T500 will leave it at that now, I think you get the jist of what i'm saying 

  11. CLUB MODE was an excellent tool for bringing the community together and for friends to set up there own rallies,

    Please can we have it added to Dirt 2.0...……….. ????????????? Codemasters.

    Please add your name to the list so we can see how many would like this returned and maybe just maybe Codies will act...….



    "Keep it Rubber side Down" 🙂