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  1. i did week 1 and 2 of the world series and as i was about to do the 3rd week yesterday the world series tab disapeared off my game completely (it is back there today with no events) but it meant i couldn't do the 3rd week, will i still qualify for my car and can they make sure that the next round stays live in game till the true finishing time, i also sent a tweet about this at the time to @dirtgame. plus in reference to some of the above comments about cuts and stuff, these should have been looked into a long time ago, way before DR2 came out not now on the second year of a world series
  2. maybe a dumb question, but reading the regs still a bit confused...…… I also didn't compete last series Rounds 1 rally R2 New Zealand - Elsthorpe Sprint Forward (4.55mi) and RX Sweden Holjes as these are TT can you run them just once or as many times as you like to better your time between 25th August 2020 31st August 2020
  3. when will the WORLD CHMPIONSHIP TAB show up in game, should it be there now after update or added later ????
  4. Are we allowed to run the World Series qualifiers on more than one platform ?????
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