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  1. Driver profile is locked as Carlos Sainz but only online and time trial KSXR-BERT-PCJX-GCEG XBOX ONE TIME TRIAL AND MULTIPLAYER When originally effected it was in social play with 3 drivers and 1 Spectator No What troubleshooting have you tried?Please list everything you tried. I tried changing the character detail in driver profile however when I do this the game reverts back to Carlos sainz Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. How do you make the problem happen? Please add a s
  2. I am receiving the same problem with the sainz glitch how do u create a save file on xbox? @BarryBL
  3. @BarryBL My driver profile has selected its self as Carlos Sainz and has locked his details over my driver profile. No matter what I change the avatar to it keeps changing back to Sainz. Now any online mode I do I am stuck as Carlos. Hey its a cool glitch but getting a bit annoying now No report code as there isn't one in driver profile settings or home menu. Xbox One Multilayer, time trial and driver profile Only myself who has the issue This problem happened a few weeks ago when I went in a multilayer social play race with friends. In this race
  4. No report code! Xbox One F1NN25#9963 My driver profile is stuck as Carlos sainz and I don't know why. My online character is locked to his avatar and details! I tried emailing codies and nothing has happened 😠 it was a cool glitch at first!
  5. I think that the F1 games need to have the feature to take over a team as a owner driver such as taking over real f1 teams like Willians sort of like Fifa with there manager career! The one thing I think must be added to My Driver and My Team is the players ratings. I am able to see all the other drivers ratings but I don't have one My self which is a shame because I think this would enlighten people's motivation and spirits playing the f1 game!
  6. @BarryBL Hi there codies, first of all f1 2021 is probably the best f1 game ever my top 3 now stands F1 2021, 2010 and in 3rd 2012! Now there's a few bugs with the game which is understandable and the game is still being developed however, the Ferrari steering wheel in game is fuzzy blury and hasn't been completed in design or renders! Please can you guys address this as its a car i shall be using in league racing soon and I Don want it to irritate me all the way through the game! Thanks guys keep up the good work!💪
  7. When you plug in a headset the f1 2021 game audio will cut out. My report code currently is ABJK-TAJC-GDEG
  8. Hope everyone enjoys the beta 😂🤣


    totally not jealous that I can’t play it! 



      Same here i pre ordered the deluxe edition so i get to play 3 days earlier but still wanted to play for a few hours to see what it feels like

  9. I hope we get some of the older cars back! From the 70s and below again. But to be honest it’s amazing to drive any classic car.
  10. @BarryBL How do I Know if im in the beta other than the email. Trying to see if i made it as this is my 5th year of applying. So fingers crossed I made it 

    1. mahmutcan0163


      You should see the beta forum if you are in beta.


  11. finnjbs03

    Cheers Barry

    Just thought I would say thank you to @BarryBLfor the beta update hopefully I get a code! And congratulations to codemasters for how well the development is going this game looks immense
  12. Hey I know this won’t be seen in f1 2021 as the developers have other things to work on but I think the F1 game should have a option to manage a team like my team! Also have the ability to move teams as a owner driver! For example: I selected to start my owner driver career taking on Haas until I get them to a spec 2 engine department. Then I move teams heading to Ferrari for as long as I want until I decide to move again being an owner driver. Also give the option to make transfers. Because imagine being an owner driver of Mercedes and bringing George Russell into the team 🤩
  13. Is there a tyre wear glitch in time trial still as i did some laps in Brazil and after 9 laps my tyres felt like they was dropping off which isn't right when in time trial.
  14. Hi I’m Finn! 
    I’ve played every f1 game since 2005 and have been playing the f1 games since 2008! 

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