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  1. Try to disable the antivirus before launching. Sometimes they detect the game exe incorrectly. Suspend realtime file protection for 10 mins and try to start it then.
  2. BreakerHUN

    Udp for ps4

    what about Xbox one? no udp there as well?
  3. BreakerHUN

    Need C struct typedef for UDP telemetry data

    Nothing..? I would expect at least Codemasters say something… if not the exact C struct then at least the offsets or the format of the UDP (type 1-3) or something.
  4. Hi, Any idea where can I find the C struct for the UDP telemetry datagrams? I have an own tool and would like to make it Dirt Rally 2 compatible. They same has been released for F1 2018 and works fine. I just need it for DR2. Thanks! Cheers