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  1. When i started Dirt rally2 after the new upgrade i discover several things are missing! In my garage there is alot of cars missing, and my crew is allso gone. I had a full set of mekanics fully trained, now its all gone and a big amount of credits used for what, i am ****** off that i have lost evering do to this collin **** that i can be without! This is not tolerated an better be fixed asap, get my crew back and all the cars lost that i have spent damn many weeks upgrading and tuning , ore take this game back and give me the money and i will never toutch anything that has with codmasters to do again🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤮🤮
  2. Peltz

    Dirt Rally Racenet problems.

    This is what i get after driving for hours in a monthley challange, even got up to 3 best time global, then this screen shows up when i should continue to next stage, i tried for an hour but i gave up and lost the whole progress without chance to start over, That ****** me off so mutch that i probably never by anything with codemaster label. They dont even answer when trying to contact. They can go **** eachothers preatty butts
  3. Peltz

    DiRT Rally 2.0 Car Setups

    Hi there, i have no experience in tuning rally cars, and it's frustrating not to know what to tweak on the car when the handling is bad. I use the g920 racing wheel, and this awesome setup site is what i been looking for. Great work done, the cars handles just perfect, frustration is gone, now i can consentrate on driving without expensive damage to the car. The difference between default setup and this is huge, default dident work for me on wheel. So keep on posting, and a big thanks to you making the game so great to play!!