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  1. Just curious, why does the French version have two French drivers, but the British version gets Hamilton and Vettel? Why not Hamilton, then Russell or Norris? What about the other nations that have more than one driver? I can see why, maybe, as the most famous f1 driver Hamilton is the face of the product. I'm just wondering why France gets two French drivers and we get a German alongside Hamilton? It would have been a good chance to build the profile of Norris and Russell to the slightly more casual British fan.
  2. Just check your emails every few hours...that's all you can do.
  3. Got my email at 9.12 a.m, only just realised. Can anyone tell me what is open to test? What i mean is, will there be the full season, time trial, online racing etc...with all the cars and tracks (classics too)? If the idea is to test all aspects to make sure it's ready for release it would make sense, wouldn't it?