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  1. I’ve just played a sprint dual round Monza a track I know very well I was behind by a couple of seconds, rounding the last bend I see the opponent/ Bot car off to the left in the gravel I meanwhile overtake leading onto pitstraight heading for the finish line when the opponent flashes past on my left back to where it would have been if it hadn’t of gone off... what a load of rubbish this game is it takes all the fun out of it if u can’t win fairly. Is there a way of beating these bot opponents etc on their terms or is it all fixed so us mere mortals can’t win??

    I do like F1 mobile racing barring this one ultimate flaw any ideas or tips much appreciated 

    thank #SUPERQ

    1. StKnowhere


      If that was not a bot, I suspect connection speed/lag could be a factor as the software try's to fill in the gaps.  I've shared video's with people I know where one side shows impact but the other does not.

      Or it could be he got "Party Mode" where if you are more than 2 sec behind, and you go into the grass, your get a huge turbo boost until catching your opponent.  The car car be a handful, I've hit 230 mph 🤣

      If a bot, they have super powers.  Best to not provoke them, cut corners, etc.  Best to pass them when in the clear, they tend to move pff line on the straights.  As undefined and unpredictable as SR is,  try to keep your SR out of the red.  I'm being careful and keeping mine mostly in the green while winning 70% of the time.

      Sometimes these things go your way, sometimes not.  I like the game so, I rationalize of those unfair times as mechanical failures as you might get in a real race. 😁

      Good racing!