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  1. Realistically, we only know the true pace of each car once two or three races are finished (to account for track-dependent differences). Until then, we kinda have to settle with what pre-season testing and prior performances have shown. Didn't the devs even indiacate that the performance will be subject to change once we know more?^^ For now, I think this is the best way to go, we'll just have to wait and see how things turn out.

  2. I seriously thought this was an issue on my end...
    To be honest, I feel like we should at least consider a matchmaking system for unranked lobbies like the one that is used for ranked matches. Sure, it's a bit more random but I believe that it could be more reliable than what we have right now. Connecting to lobbies that have either already started or are seemingly stuck, then retrying for about five times makes me wanna quit the game.

    Sure, proper servers would be the best go-to solution but I don't think that this is viable any time soon. Unless, of course, we actually get crossplay, I believe having proper servers would be the only solution then anyway, right?

  3. 42 minutes ago, Worntoathread said:

    You know it's not not just about testing realism? It's also about general player experience like accessibility, menus, settings, bugs, connectivity and many other things. In the end it's a full game, an entertainment product, not just a handling model and 99.99% of players won't be real racing drivers. That doesn't mean they shouldn't strive for simulation and realism, but it's definitely not the sole purpose of the beta.

    I was about to say the same. Getting drivers' feedback for the handling is a good idea, but the F1 games will remain just that -  games. There's more to that than asking a handful of drivers whether the cars feel real (which, again, is not even the main concern of the devs; it's not a pure sim game). 

    Even if they were to ask all (!) drivers, they would need much more feedback regarding things like stability, features, etc. 

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  4. 5 minutes ago, TheIceman022 said:

    Yea I´ve read that but I believe the Teams have to stick to those restrictions as well so if Codemasters designs those sponsor layers just like they are in real life then there shouldn´t be a n issue with that., It could get difficult if the sponsors have a word in the helmet color in general as BWT wants pink helmets i blieve. But that would be doable as well in only allowing the player to color the helmet in a pink / purple sheme and if he doesn´t like that he can disable helmet sponsors entirely


    Or you could take the Rockstar Games approach and create fake sponsors that are utterly similar to the real deals.
    TAGHeuer? Never heard of them, I'm with HAGTeuer. (Though I'll admit that this is likely to raise legal questions^^)

  5. 2 minutes ago, AlexTT said:

    Crossplay is also dependable in sony and microsoft.

    True, but I believe that both companies have become more open for the possibilities of crossplay (as in CoD). Sure thing, there's probably a lot going on in the background that needs to be sorted before but I think it's a step in the right direction for Codemasters to investigate the option^^

  6. @mikyesposto95 Codemaster's F1 game is not intended to be taken as a Sim game and I doubt that they will change this approach over the next two years. There are far too many casual F1 fans (myself included) who enjoy being able to drive to the best of their abilities with the limited amount of time/money for hardware they have.

    Sure, they are free to change that, but I don't see how well consoles would cope with it (not even mentioning that many of the casual players are likely to drop the game entirely if it is turned into a pure simulation)

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  7. Definitely, I feel like there's a lot of potential for players of all three platforms. I have doubts that F1 2021 will feature crossplay given that many players will still be on PS4/Xbox one and I assume that the game will still be released for those platforms as well. I could see why crossplay might turn out to be an issue for those older consoles due to the fact that there are significant differences regarding performance. But again, the new consoles should be a major improvement in this regard and we might actually see something rather sooner than later.

  8. Thanks for the link, interesting read.
    I doubt that we'll be seeing laser scanned tracks in the near future tbh, especially if the tracks would have to be rebuild entirely (could imagine that's a strong cost factor).

    On a different note: 

    Interesting remarks about crossplay, it's about time that Codies look into this as it could be very promising for future games; even more so given that the new console generations will finally allow games to move forward again regarding tech. 

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  9. You're providing feedback on something that you have never played yourself? I'd get feedback on visual stuff, but suggesting gameplay changes before having played said game is a bit strange, isn't it. Wouldn't it be better to wait how it actually pans out and see how the players actually feel about it and THEN suggest changes if necessary?

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  10. I'd choose the 3700X over the 3800X (if budget is an issue). The performance gaming in gaming are negligible (around 2% performance gain for 11% higher price).
    I'd also recommend Nvidia GPUs at the moment. They are a tad more pricey but the driver support is a different world and they usually outperform AMD's GPUs. Again, really depends on your budget and whether you're only planning to game or also looking at productivity stuff (encoding, decoding, rendering etc).

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