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  1. JaneTrpkov

    Logitech G923

    Hi, I just bought Logitech G923 as it was the only wheel available to buy right away (My Thrustmaster t300 died:(...) I have serious problems adjusting it in F1 2020 on PC, I drove 2 days with a loaner G27 and I had no issues. I started driving the G923 3 days ago and at first it felt weird but i didn't know why. I figured out the GHub settings and the force feedback and the wheel was great with no latency whatsoever.However the steering inputs feel like it's totally disconnected from the game. The wheel is slightly shaking on the straights (same as when driving on the pad) and in the corners it isn't linear with my IRL inputs. One more noticeable thing which I saw right away was that it stops at around 150 degrees even when turning at 180. It only goes to 180 degrees when the car is stopped. I can send you a lap to see how it looks in-game if needed but I really need a fix for this ASAP as I can't race with it like this.
  2. First in the qualy session I joined mid qualy.My driver was invisible and because I have had this glitch before I knew that my FFB was also different which turned out to be true.Then in the race on1 lap used in qualifying soft tyres I had 30% rear tyre wear. PC 1.12 Unranked 4 drivers No Just me Probably able to happen if you join a session mid way asnd take control of a car Wrote above XETV-PTXV-ECPM-HDVG No video
  3. JaneTrpkov

    State Of Multiplayer

    I understand that you guys have been in lockdown as well and kudos for releasing a game with the most game modes in the franchise history.For the first month or two, all good, ofcourse there would be bugs.But there are new bugs every day now.I have been casually playing F1 since F1 2013 and now since F1 2018 I have been playing F1 competitively every day.In the period between 2013 and 2019 I have only seen like 2 or 3 bugs at most when playing the games.This game ALONE I have seen around 20.This is unacceptable for a game licenced by F1.It's unacceptable for the esports scene because now these glitches are even affecting them too.For example I saw a guy get a 0 point glitch after doing a PB run for esports.I myself have experienced so many of these.As Bica mentioned the steam errors are a thing i get 2 times a week in practice for a league race.I have had the glitch where you fall in the ground apparently and start flying around.I have had a timing glitch affect the race results.I have also had a fastest lap glitch where another driver's fastest lap shows as 20 seconds or something ridicolous along these lines.A few updates ago right after the patch there was a glitch in spectator mode where black smoke was coming out of every car for no reason. Every league race the commentators have to go through numerous timing screen glitches and they cant even do tgeir job properly that way.I can go on for hours talking about every single glitch I have seen but if I did that by the time I've finished writing this F1 2021 would release.All I have to say is this is unacceptable for such a popular game.It's the worst I have seen in my life.If you dont fix this, the game will die and you will lose all of your audience.So please, fix these bugs and focus on multiplayer for once.We dont care if we have a gimmicky game, we just want a stable multiplayer that we can enjoy.