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  1. Well, I'm in the UK, so I doubt the issue is region related...
  2. Having in mind that the issue affects both Steam and Playstation platforms, I don't think the problem is at our end. It's more about how Racenet algorithms update tables in their database. Something is not working properly there. Perhaps, a glitchy system update 2 weeks ago, who knows...
  3. Yeah, the devs seem to be really busy with finalising F1 2019, but we're moaning about a 5 year old product :-)) You are right, let's see how it goes.
  4. Have you heard anything from Codemasters? I sent them a message on 14th April, after an improved lap time had failed to update on 'Events' page (Global Leaderboard and Personal Best updated just fine). Haven't heard anything yet anyway... I'll try a different approach with this week's Monza/Ferrari - offline training/testing in 'Proving Grounds' and then, after a warm-up, one "decisive" session in the Event Mode on Tuesday night :-)
  5. No, I don’t, sorry. I’m an F1 2014 guy :-) I do have F1 2013, though, to "commemorate the end of V8 era in Formula 1", but haven’t run it for ages. Nice meeting you too, mate! Thanks and good luck on virtual tracks!
  6. Well, can’t argue with (a), but (b) – there are some options. For instance, a folding steering wheel stand, say, from Next Level Racing and a simple Ikea chair will do the trick. Takes less than a minute to get the “cockpit” ready. When you are not racing, the steering wheel bolted to the stand sits quietly in the corner and family enjoys the chair!
  7. Wow, that’s some impressive spreadsheet!!! Well done, mate, and thanks for sharing! If I may give a small piece of advice, though, try not to disclose this information ;-)). Yes, car settings are subjective and a lot depends on one’s personal driving style, but this is your hard-earned experience, your hours of testing and, at the end of the day, this information makes you competitive, so it’s safer to keep it to yourself ;-) This is all totally off-topic (moderators, please, forgive me!), just wanted to say a couple of things. I don’t know, maybe there are differences between platforms... Just looking at your lap times on various tracks... You are saying you drive with a PS3 controller. I’m sure you have your own reasons, but, if there is any chance you could consider a force-feedback steering wheel with pedals (e.g. Logitech G29 and Thrustmaster T150 Pro are both compatible with PS3), just go for it and you would have a completely different experience, get much more information about the car's behaviour which would help finding 2-3 seconds a lap. Once again my apologies for the off-topic post!
  8. Thumbs up to such a thorough approach and congrats on your Silver in Sochi! Sadly, my lap time never appeared in the Sochi event leaderboard. I improved it twice on Tuesday night hoping the issue would somehow fix itself by updating the results, but it didn’t happen. Tried to unlink my account from Racenet then linked it again in the game – things became even worse. I could see updated results in Time Trial Lap Times on ‘Home’ page, but Fastest Lap on ‘Tracks’ was refusing to pick up new data. The ‘Event’ page totally ignored my efforts, although one more driver somehow managed to get through making the total number of contestants 6. So, well, for some it works, for some it doesn’t... Anyway, a new TT event is now on (ID236 Montreal/Red Bull/Dry). Haven’t driven on this track for some time, definitely need more practice there, but for the experiment’s sake connected to Racenet straight away. To my surprise, all went smoothly, ‘Event’ and ‘Tracks’ successfully picked up my lap time. And even more, when I selected Russia in ‘Tracks’ section it showed my updated result from the day before, the one it had failed to show previously! Racenet - what a mysterious place! Yeah, and one more thing I’ve learnt tonight driving in Racenet TT Event mode – lengthy sessions are more likely to cause troubles when uploading results. Some sort of connection timeout, perhaps? The game doesn’t produce any error messages, but it still might be the case. Short sessions (say, for 15-20 minutes) seem to give better results.
  9. Yeah, I’ve got exactly the same question for F1 2014 (PC). Set a good lap time yesterday (Racenet Event ID235, Williams time trial in Russia), which was uploaded to Racenet and is showing in ‘Tracks’ section alright, but on the ‘Event’ page - nothing, like I’ve never participated. Very disappointing indeed... And the number of drivers participating in the event is suspiciously low – normally by Monday there are over 10 entries on the list...