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  1. Matteo Bellandi

    Cars Performance Update?

    after the first gran prix of the 2020 season we all seen some teams struggling amd some of them doing better that what expected. For example we thought ferrari would have been fast as mercedes while it’s massively underperforming in the straights, and the opposite is for mclaren... so my question is, will we see any update about the cars performances seen in the Austrian GP? (for example ferrari being nerfed?) thanks for the attention, have a good day and bye!
  2. Matteo Bellandi


    i have the same problem
  3. Srl is searching for for drivers to race in the 2 tiers of the league, we have 3 spots left in tier 1 where we race at 7 pm uk time on fridays, and we have 4 spots left for tier 2 where we race at 5pm uk time on fridays. In both tiers we will have a short quali and 50% race, currently we are midway through the season and we will continue until f1 2020 comes out. Discord or Instagram are needed for stay in touch with us. Also we are racing on xbox If you are interested dont be afraid to send me a message on instagram @xr_matteo we are counting on you! Session Settings: Car Performance - Equal Qualifying - Short (18 mins) Race Distance - 50% Weather - Dynamic Assists Restrictions: Braking Assists - Any Anti-Lock Brakes - Any Traction Control - Any Automatic Gearbox - Any Pit Assist - Off Pit Release Assist - Off Dynamic Racing Line - Any Other Race Settings: Parc Ferme Rules - On Collisions - On Vehicle Damage - Full Ghosting - On Safety Car - On Rules and Flags - On Corner Cutting - Strict Formation Lap - OFF Race Starts - Manual Tyre Temperature - Surface and Carcass (Simulation)
  4. Matteo Bellandi

    Thrustmaster TX “manettino” as different buttons?

    yes i was talking about that, it would be handsome to have maybe a new thrustmaster wheel (f1 edition) with 2 dials with 5 or more positions, wouldn’t it be great?
  5. is there any possibility that the “manettino” on the thrustmaster tx it’s going to be programmable?
  6. Matteo Bellandi


    SRL is searching drivers to compete in the 2nd tier of the League! The second tier races will be held at 5pm uk time meanwhile the 1st tier will be at 7, the winner of the second tier and the second driver in the championship will have a drive in tier 1 for the next season! The rules will be 50% race, short quali, stritc corner cutting, the calendar will start from britain and will go to the end (no russian gp and hungarian gp) For talking we will use discord! #xbox #f12019 for more info dm me on instagram! @xr_matteo have a great day!