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  1. Just saw the sale on PSN and bought both Dirt Rally and the VR upgrade. - First I tried to play the game, but it was too soon and I had to wait for the installation to finish. - After that, acessed the game. The VR option showed up in the menu, but it kept asking me to purchase the add-on, even tough I had already bought it. If I try to buy it, the game tells me it's not avaiable. - Googled it and got terrified, seems like a normal issue and I found no good answers. - Tried updating my software licenses on PS4, also made sure that my PS4 was registered as my main console. - Left the PS4 on rest mode for a few hours to no avail. - The game doesn't show me any download indicator, but it indicates me that it's running on the version v1.100 at the top left menu. - From the playstation menu, it says it has the latest version installed and that the version 1.04 is running. - The game is digital and the DLC is from the same region I bought the game. Any clues?