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  1. "I'll play only three little stages." nigth / nigth /nigth >< Correcting: "I'll play only SIX little stages." nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth / nigth.. rain rain rain.. aaaaaaagh! >.< Guys, it's just me?
  2. Maybe they've improved a little in 1.3 patch. But there's still a lot of night, rain, wet ground in events. And I noticed that the game "chooses" rain and/or night when the track is bigger (to make my misery worse lol) I believe that rain, wet ground and night should be sporadic and rare in events, however they occupy more than 50% of the total. @Riggs @CMMcBabe
  3. In Brazilian Portuguese it's correct. He says left.
  4. I don't know if tiny bugs matter, but... On the track loading screen, the word LIMPAR must be replaced by LIMPO. (Brazilian portuguese language).
  5. I don't know if it happens on other wheels, but the RPM lights on Logitech G29 don't work.
  6. I know CM already know this feedback. But I will say it again only at out of curiosity or research 😉 I must have played for another 6 hours. Only two dry and sun stages. I play only in "my team" stages.
  7. I believe that an idea (even if bad) is better for developers than a useless discussion like this one. Just to be clear, I can't even imagine that QA Lead will see my topic. What I meant was nothing more than enthusiastic admired "hello"... thats all.
  8. Sorry ... I'm from a time when good humor existed.
  9. Woow... Take a look at my topic 😆
  10. oCriador do melhor blog de tirinhas do Brasil: www.DrPepper.com.br \O/

  11. Just to record.... I just played 2 hours now. ZERO event in morning with dry ground.
  12. Just a dream... A career mode where one could start with amateur or even illegal rallys. This would be a pretext for the game to have any cars from any brands and tracks of the most varied types and places. Detailed level of tuning (including aesthetics) from your first poor car to entering professional rallys.
  13. Yes, I saw Christina's announcements. That doesn't change the fact that I love running on the dry tracks and rarely does that happen =/ Of course I exaggerated in percentages. But it's still very difficult to see dust in this game right now. Just right now I finished a weekly challenge with 7 stages. Only ONE was in the morning and dry and for a change it was the smallest track.. heuheuhe
  14. What happened to the sun in the CM world? 99% of races are night or rain or night and rain. The other 1% is in the morning....... with wet ground xD I don't know how dust is in DR2 =X
  15. DrPepper

    Virtual Windshield wiper in Hood View

    yeah... about that, I thought it was just me and my monitor or something xD