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  1. UnTAmedRAceR

    F1 2019 voting system

    Seems i have a full league but only 4 people have shown up so far, so we cant pass any kind of majority vote to be able to straighten out the issues within the league, ie kicking non attenders etc... codies need to make the votes pass before the next race commences. basically if you dont show up on election day your vote doesnt count!
  2. my bad...mis read advert
  3. UnTAmedRAceR

    Looking for American leauge

    check out SF1, coming new to PC this year...
  4. Simulation Formula one are recruiting new drivers to take part in a multi tier league on Xbox which starts on the 26th til 28th of July, We accommodate around 50 regular drivers that are already registered, Depending on your pace will placed in a league that will be competitive around your skill level. Friday 26th will see GP3 drivers kick off the new season with GP2 running on Saturdays, then finally it’s the big boys over in GP1 who will finish off the weekend. And starting its very first season this weekend Saturday 6th July over on PC which is all new for 2019! SF1 is an ever growing racing community that welcomes all who wish to race hard but fair! On GP weekends we race 50% distance, most assists are allowed with the exception of pit entry/exit, race starts are manual with a formation lap, corners are strict with full damage, Full qualifying (if 15 or more drivers take part) The Lobby will open at 8:15pm uk time (GMT/BST) with race time starting at 8:30pm Want to Register or know more? Then visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/132817330705959/ PC users can hook up via our discord server https://discord.gg/CR2XVCD?fbclid=IwAR0OIqKWC_rW7p-3gMICZkcZ_VU9DJkjKEC3ik_Lmu3c7JENscD3UzVQMp0 Also PC users can register for the league via the game using the invite code below CM#_RY8VWD You can also check out the competition at our youtube channel packed with video of previous races with commentary from our very own streamers https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOi4hCfAPubg6DK1Q-go2A
  5. Simulation Formula One are taking signings for the 2019 season on xbox (multi tier) you need to be available on Fri/Sat/Sun from 20:15 GMT/BST depending on your abilities. starting from the lowest league GP3 fridays, GP2 Saturdays and for the super competative GP1 on sundays. your pace will determine which league you take part in. 50% race distance SF1 is also coming to PC for the first time in 2019! carrying over what has been a huge success on the Xbox platform, we are looking for all types of racers from casual pad racers who run with assists to the pro's who are looking for some real competition! Currently there is no league racing taking part now until the new season starts, however theres usually races setup for all to get involved in no matter which league or platform you are waiting to race in. We are expecting to kick off the new season a few weeks after release to give drivers time to get the game and put some practice in Visit our facebook page for more info https://www.facebook.com/groups/132817330705959/ PC users can register via our brand new discord server https://discord.gg/27sfERe
  6. Hey All, Looking to join a competitive, fun but fair league on PC, I usually drive with full/medium TC, ABS, Manual ERS, Auto gears with some manual shifting, braking line, on a pad. my pace is around 3 secs slower than those running on a wheel with all '*****' modes off, on the leader boards im usually around the 30% region. Recently migrated from xbox where I was regularly racing with 'simulation formula one - SF1' with an excellent attendance record. happy to race most evenings from 6pm till 11pm on week days and from 3pm - 11pm on weekends GMT/BST time zone. would like to join a league where I can compete, and challenge for points, not just to be a backmarker waiting to get lapped!!! Sound like I fit into your league? drop me an inbox... Thanks for reading!