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  1. Right in the feels. I had a glimmer of hope that was just snuffed out.
  2. Maybe with the focus getting the new 'valvoline' livery we can see some new liveries for a certain few Lancias?
  3. Anyone else have the problem of the impreza S4 not being the H-pattern? Before you ask, yes I do have it set to 'manual H-Pattern with clutch or Manual Sequential' in the settings.
  4. Well I know that Subaru designed their road cars to use alot of the same parts or at least the same mounting points in their cars so that newer parts could be put on older cars and vice versa. *If it's perfect, why change it?* just slap it on the new car. Mitsubishi proved that 'Group A' could still compete in WRC.
  5. Touche. Thanks for the info. Nevertheless, I believe the (incorrectly named) S4 will be referring to the manual H-pattern '97 Impreza.
  6. Commonly accepted that the S4 was the 97-98 model, and S5 is the 98-99 model. Only major difference between the two is that towards the back end of the S5's lifetime it got the electronic sequential gearbox.
  7. Didn't occur to me that the leaderboards would have to be reset. Probably would be best to put the Impreza S4 in the Group A category then so it's at least not being destroyed by the 2000cc cars.
  8. It would be better to put the Evo VI and the Impreza S4 in a class of their own. Ideally with a Corolla. The Impreza S4 is going to be woefully outclassed in 2000cc when it's that old and still using a H-pattern.
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