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  1. The only way to score League Points and make your way through to the Elite Leagues is with Duels. Why is that? With the technical issues in game, the reckless drivers that willingly attempt to run you off the road, the auto-ghosting that does not work correctly sometimes during duels, the curiously long penalties on some tracks but not on others, and several other issues that make duels sooooo frustrating sometimes, why can't we score League Points through a challenge or two? It would be nice to have single race challenges that reward League Points like place first in a 15 lap race on H
  2. When can we expect to see the new 2021 Livery/Driver updates?
  3. What is a general setup to allow you to perform well at the top of this game? Is everyone on their phones playing this game? Or is it tablets, or is it a full driving setup with pedals running it through a computer? In the past I just played for fun on my phone. Thinking about returning if they have done anything to stop the horrific cheating by other players and if the AI system now has to race under the same rules that players do (no 250mph cars passing you like you are standing still). Is there a Report Player option for reporting players that drive the wrong way on the
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