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  1. Stageguy

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    The underwhelming number of links provided in this thread that are showing evidence tells me this is not working to help solve the issue. Codemasters asking for players to provide links shows that these guys do not have the game loaded up on their personal devices and do not play it on a regular basis. Playing for just a week would give them all the evidence they would ever need. I left the game 6 months ago and check back occasionally to see if new patches have fixed the cheating and crazy AI bots. Looks like not much has changed. Right now, the only realistic fix I see that could be easily implemented is providing an option to select ghost races only in duels. I would imagine it would take a complete rewrite to fix the AI problems and implement penalties that align with the cheating.
  2. Stageguy

    Tool for calculating setups.

    I created a spreadsheet in Excel that does this. It's a little cumbersome, but it works.
  3. Look at my times vs. the times above and below me. There is no way that scoring is correct.
  4. What stat on my account determines what the stats are for the AI race cars when I end up dueling against one (or 19)? Or is it completely random? When I get matched up with a car that has 1000 more trophy points, an extremely low car rating, and doesn't have to adhere to the same rules that I do, its impossible to win, extremely frustrating, and a load of ********. The AI on a grid race can get bumped into the wall or the grass and never slows down... at all... i see it happen up ahead of me frequently. New one today... I'm accelerating through 195mph when a bot passes me like I am standing still, moves over directly in front of me, then slows down to match my speed. Note to players - if you are setting great lap times and losing every duel, quit playing for a while. Wait until later in the day when there are more people playing. You will actually get to race against people that have to follow the same rules as you, rather than AI that does not.
  5. Multiple setups is nice and all, but most will not take full advantage of it. Really wanna upgrade the game? Fix the contact/collision issues.
  6. Stageguy

    Request for a new penalty system

    As a McLaren fan, that made for a long boring race!
  7. Stageguy

    Request for a new penalty system

    Hey Chris, here is a thought... On Grid start duels, your safety rating dictates your position on the grid. Safety rating of 5.0? Congrats you get pole position. Safety rating of 0.0 should put the car at the 20th position. Scale the ratings so that a safety rating of 2.5 starts at 10th. If a player loses a few duels because they are running a clean race every time, they would be rewarded with good grid start positions. This would definitely encourage safe driving and give good drivers somewhat of a reward on grid races. It would only apply on grid starts, so qualifying and sprint races would remain the same. Obviously there are some minor issues I am sure people will address like having your safety rating reduced by AI slamming into you, or other racers hitting you. And sometimes contact just seems unavoidable. But overall, if you are a good driver, a player should be able to consistently start in the top 10. If someone has a rating of 0.2, then let them slam through 10 bots before they can even get to your car...
  8. Stageguy

    Player Rank

    It would be nice if you could click on your player rank and get a screen that shows the total you have, amount required for next level, etc. It would also be nice to be able to find info (in game or online) showing the max level and points required to get there. Or maybe a chart of what is required for each level? Same comments for parts. It would be nice to see what you are working towards for each part, what each level upgrade includes, number of upgrades required per level, and what the maximum allowed level is for each part.
  9. Stageguy

    Request for a new penalty system

    I completely agree with the problems mentioned above. It is very frustrating to have both real players and bots putting you into the wall. Like one of the stories mentioned above, I lost 7 races (4 DNF) in a row because either a player or a bot spun me off the track or put me into the wall in a corner. I also see bots that are 4 seconds behind me somehow amazingly catch up in one stretch and slam me in the corner. Its absolutely ridiculous that bots have that capability programmed into them. The ferrari's particularly do not like me for some reason. It is also uncool that the bots don't seem to have a penalty for driving through the grass. I have yet to see one slow down even when considerably off the track. Ghosting - I love this idea, but only for players. You and your opponent should only be ghosted to each other. The remaining cars on the track would still require you to drive and pass as intended. The crash derby kids will see their trophy points diminish quickly and will have to learn to drive. It will also help to keep them out of the higher leagues - which seems like a fitting penalty for not learning to drive and pass. How about the sprint races that start with your opponent a full half second ahead? Some races are over before they even start. These issues have definitely contributed to my reduction in play time.