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  1. Lernithas

    AI difficulty in wet and dry

    I'm playing career mode with 105 ai level, controller, medium traction. Racing with my teammate Kubica side by side all the race. Until the rain comes down... suddenly Kubica become Senna. From now on i'm just gonna simmulate the races if it's rainy.
  2. I have the same issue. I'm playing the game with 105ai level. First two sectors me and my teammate have almost equal time. 3rd sector i lose 0.400-0.600. I'm not sure is it front tyre temp or not, but i can't get good cornering on turn 12.
  3. Lernithas

    F1 career mode constructor standings is useless

    And one another thing about the unrewarding end of race and end of season position. In real life drivers are figthing for even 15th position on the track. If there is no chance that i can get 10th place, i'm just pitting and put soft tyres on to get faster lap ahaed of my rivalry as long as i meet the expected position. It doesn't have to be resource points we get considering our finishing position. I don't know maybe if we finish race at 14th we get more points and rep, but it should be written somewhere in the game, like before the race "if you finish 11th you get 20rep, 12th 15rep" etc. Like i said it doesn't have to be resource points, cuz it might make top teams even better (which i'm not against). Long story short these type of things give more motivation imo.
  4. Lernithas

    F1 career mode constructor standings is useless

    The r&d tree is not same as f1 2017, but they look really similar. This weird updates never happened back in 2017. I started to play 2017 because it has much more better career mode. But when i see that ai is too passive on the track, i had to get back to 2019 lol. the thing that you mentioned before, changing team anytime we want is another enjoy killer situation. R&d - changing teams - worthless teammates - lack of seasonal expectation. I don't know if these can be fixed easily or not, but i feel like the game is good on the track, except lack of racing incidents. Management part of the game is the real issue.
  5. Lernithas

    F1 career mode constructor standings is useless

    The gap might be greater like you said. But this is not our problem. Cuz this happens in real life, when FIA fix that, developers of the game can adjust it accordingly. I just don't wanna see that ferrari is worst car at the start of the season 2. And the reason that i drive dirty to my teammate is not that i can't handle pressure. The reason is "because i can". Because there is no point to have a teammate. You just don't understand what you read, and just assuming that i can't handle pressure. What i mean was make teammates worthy. Make them important to improve our team. They are just useless. I feel like i'm doing all the job, and my teammate gettin updated car for free. That is the situation bothers me.
  6. I know this isn't the major issue with career mode, after the crazy car development and randomize driver transfers problem, driver and constructor standings are just meaningless to me. I feel like it doesn't matter where i finish the season as a driver if i'm not challenging for the championship. Back in the day, f1 2017 had seasonal goal, and that was a good motivation to end the season imo. Can't developers do the same thing on f1 2019? If it would like this; Driver standings; 1st - 2500 resource points 2nd - 1800 rp 3rd... 4th.... you get the idea. Same thing on constructor standings too. i mean without this type of feature i feel like i'm not racing for the team. i just don't care about what my teammate doing. In fact i do some nasty things to him because of the rivalry. Before the seasons when we are negotiating on the contract, we should negotiate for end of season positon too. Like if we are racing for red bull, it would be probably minimum 6th place at the end of the season. And if we can't manage to do that rep could go down considering where we finish at. Like i said this might not the main issue, but i don't know if developers gonna fix the r&d and driver transfer issue. We're like screaming here for weeks, so if that's not gonna be fixed, at least add some small features like i mentioned above.
  7. Lernithas

    Career Mode time penalty bug

    Ok, i think i understand why this bug occurs. When i'm not lapped, at the end of the race my time seems like 1:25:17. And if i have time penalty it aplies to my total time everything is good so far. But when i'm lapped, my time seems +1 lap. It doesn't show my total time, when this happens, no matter how many time penalty i got, it doesn't apply to my total time, cuz it shows "+1 lap" on my total time.
  8. Lernithas

    Career Mode time penalty bug

    it wasn't served type penalty. i went off the track limits 3 times and got 3 sec penalty. even if it is served type i didn't pit after i got the penalty. i'm playing on pc, are you on pc or other consoles?
  9. i don't know if anyone has experienced this bug. when i have time penalty it doesn't apply my total time at the end of the race. like i'm 15th and i have 3 sec penalty, and someone pass the chequered flag 1 sec after me, at the end of the race i'm still considered as 15th. i tested this couple of times to check maybe the driver that behind me also has time penalty, but never saw other drivers have penalty. i'm playin %100 length race, not sure if this bug still happens on %25 or %50.
  10. Lernithas

    Ghost Car on Career Mode

    Hello everyone There are some tracks that i couldn't have the speed at some sectors (like France Sector 3). No matter which aero setup i use, i always lose 0.7-1 sec at France sector 3. So it's obvious that my cornering is not good there. So i thought maybe if i can see my teammate's ghost car, i would see where i am slow at. But i couldn't find the ghost car settings on career mode. Is it only available on time trials or am i missing something?
  11. Lernithas

    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    i've just checked and i was on my way here to correct myself and apolagize to everyone to give wrong information, and i saw your reply 😄 my throttle saturation was at 0, and when i press throttle it showed max 88. After i tried couple of variations, throttle saturation on 6 gave me 100 throttle. after that i tried it on free practice programme, and i started to gain time on straights... Sorry again missinformation, anyone who complains about the straight line speed, just adjust your throttle saturation settings.
  12. Lernithas

    F1 2019 straight line speed. ***?

    i think the problem isn't the speed of AI. The problem is player's straight line speed. I'm playing with williams on 95 AI level. This level is proper for me, 'cuz every qualifying there is max 0.100 gap between me and my teammate. So everything is good so far. But i noticed this straight line problem at free practice sessions. Let's say i'm doing race strategy programme, it doesn't matter which track, whenever i'm on straight, the delta time is getting lower. even if i pass the programme's time limit by 1 sec, i always lose time on straights. i thought, maybe the reason is car setup... I setup the car ultimate top speed. 1-1 aero, full pressure on tyres, everything is set for the top speed. Still i'm losing time on straights. Then i thought, maybe williams is the real problem. I tried same things on ferrari, 1-1 aero etc. spain is only track that i can gain time on straights. And imagine going full top speed setup on spain... Maybe you could say, "you don't know how to exit corner". Let's say delta time is 0.000 when i enter the corner. After i exit the corner for 2-3 seconds i gain lots of time, so my exiting the corner is just fine. but after 3-4 seconds i'm starting to lose time incredably. And one another thing that proves my theory; like i said me and my teammate are always within 0.100 margin on qualifying. i've just raced on Monaco. Guess what? I beat my teammate by 0.800 sec and get 13th position, with Williams! And i just realise that, codemasters is doing this on purpose. I used to play with full traction assist at 85 AI, with this play-style i can stay within 0.100-0.200 margin with my teammate. Then i just wanted to try medium traction assist, after that i noticed cornering is just too OP on medium traction. And probably codemasters doing this intentionally because cornering is a thing that needs talent. it is the thing that seperates players from each other. Long story short; there is not much difference between "op cornering - less top speed" and "balanced cornering - balanced top speed". these two will give you same lap time. but this is just unrealistic on career mode. On the other hand, multiplayerwise; you don't even feel that "less top speed" thing, because all the players are human 😄 forgive me if i'm wrong, but this balance (however it is unbalanced lol) between cornering and top speed is made to keep multiplayer players happy.
  13. Lernithas

    ZERO Fun on career mode

    I'm playing %100 race length and this AI drives me crazy. Even if you set AI level setting as 110, they never stop putting dry tyres on wet surface (just like F1 2018). Strategywise AI is acting like really stupid. I mean how hard is it to make them have a proper strategy? and all AI drivers starting the race with softs all the time. no strategy at all, just pick the soft tyre. aren't these really easy things to change?
  14. Lernithas

    F1 2019 AI tyre choices

    in 2018 i noticed couple of times that Q2 mediums too. but i mean, the goal is after the pit stop you don't get into traffic right? 'cuz in real life 11-20 drivers usually start the race with medium or hard tyres, but i don't see any of them starting with yellow and white in the game, so what's the point of doing medium Q2? and like i said while the race lenght is getting shorter, the pit stop strategies are getting shorter too. Strategies should be remain same no matter what the race length is. In real life the temperature of the track and the weather has an effect on the strategies, i don't even want to see that, it might be hard to implement that feature to the game. But at least one pit stop and two pit stop has similar paces no matter what the temperature is. there shouldn't be 1 min gap between these strategies at %100 length that's all i want.
  15. Lernithas

    F1 2019 AI tyre choices

    Just like F1 2018, AI never start the race with harder tyres on %100 races. it's really frustrating that seeing all the drivers start with red tyre. the races become so static with no strategy because of this. The game forces us to pit at least 2 times, as you know nowadays almost everyrace all the drivers pitting just once. if the 1 pit strategy and 2 pit strategy paces were close each other the problem would be fixed imo. I tried %50 race, this time all drivers start with medium. why every driver must start with the same strategy? why don't we see magnussen starting with soft, norris starting with medium, hulkenberg starting with hard?