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  1. AtotheY

    Dirt 2.0 question re DLC/career mode

    Yeah, all DLC is available\incorporated into career mode.
  2. AtotheY

    When will Dirt Rally 2.0 be patched?

    Another game breaker is the sound cut out on XB1X, with this annoying bug happening on every session. The sound of an engine and your co-driver is so much more pleasing than a series of loud 'pips' Please fix this problem and please fix the game.
  3. AtotheY

    When will Dirt Rally 2.0 be patched?

    Xbox one user and completely agree with the above comment. I own the game and season pass and recently have played more DR1 that 2.0 simply because of the FFB and lack of surface detail issues. Also, on 2.0 my XB controller currently has more options available to adjust than my Thrustmaster TX steering wheel has, FFB options greyed out or simply not included (DR1 has all options available to me). I really believe that 2.0 has the potential to be a great head and shoulders above the rest rally sim but these issues HAVE to be fixed and all FFB options made available for adjustment. So C'mon Codemasters give me and other Xbox users the game we were hoping for, because I, like others, have paid a lot of hard earned cash for this not quite finished game.