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  1. Kefdude

    Party play

    Maybe it's just me and some of my friends, but we like to get together, drink beer and play rally against each other. Right now what we do is write down stage times for each participant and restart the stage until everyone has set their time. But this sucks, kinda. Sometimes after 7 beers numbers get written down wrong. Someone hits "continue" instead of "restart" and so on. I wish there was an option to create a custom championship with your friends. You set the stages and add number of players. Each player can pick their car. That's it. Nothing crazy, right? I think WRC series have this option, but that game sucks so much that we shouldn't even discuss it here. Don't cut!
  2. Kefdude

    Suggested Dirt Rally2.0 Improvements

    Well, obviously the night stages. Have one night stage per rally. Seriously. Who does rally in the darkness? And related to this - I find the headlights kinda useless. They hardly light up the road. And yes, the AI is absolutely impossible. Custom championship manual gearbox only - what's that all about?