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  1. Melonora

    Problem steering

    A samsung s9. I have tried a cold boot but to no avail
  2. Melonora

    Can’t load Quali event

    No, in the real world they had to copy the game...
  3. Melonora

    Problem steering

    The last 2 days I suddenly have a problem with steering the car. I have all assists off and steering sensitivity set to +10. However, my car just won't turn. Speed does not matter. I tried steering with a custom car and red bull car. This does not change the performance of steering. As of now I can barely make any turn without breaking out of the corner.
  4. Melonora

    Tripping at the start of races

    I play with a samsung s9. I do not think it is a connectivity issue. I have it both in areas where there is a good 4g connection and my internet connection at home is a 100mbps fiberglass connection, although because of wifi I do lose some of that speed ofcourse.
  5. Ok so recently I often have my real opponent already crashing into the back of my car at the start of the race causing my car to jump in the air and then sink through the race track. My opponent can still race and I can not. I already lost over 200 points this way and am getting fed up with it. Do any of you also have this problem? I have attached a screenshot of one of the times it happened and my car already sank through the race track.