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  1. BuffaloBillBro

    Dirt rally 2 crashed many times

    I have the same mouse, it was crashing very often, more then once every hour of play, unplugging it did help. Now though I am having a different CTD this is the error code. Access violation at address 0xd004b0f2 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x38b0f2. dirtrally2.exe
  2. I have had the same issue since day one and no solution anyone has offered up has helped, even from the devs. @BalazsA this is the solution that is often presented. It rarely works for people though. I know it didn't for me.
  3. Been having a problem that hopefully someone knows a solution to. When starting a race I will rarely get a CTD but it does happen once in a while. My real issue is with CTD AFTER a race. This is happening very frequently. I'm sure its happened well over a 100 time in about 45 hours of game play. I love rally games, and I'm loving this one. But its becoming frustrating, if I enter a daily, weekly, monthly, championship, or even time trial I will often crash upon completion of the Race. I honestly would live with this without complaint as load up time isn't long. Except for the fact my times will not register, when I sign back in after a CTD at the end of a stage I am given a DNF. Daily stages are not worth my time and that goes for career as well since 60% of the time I CTD and recieve a DNF. This is the error message that pops up which I always submit. "Access violation at address 0xe9315f7b in module 'dinput8.dll' + 0x5f7b. dinput8.dll" Couldn't find anything using my googlefu. Please send help...I just want to race... System i7 6700k MSI RTX 2080 SSD 32GB DDR4