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  1. Hello, I have a 75Hz Display, this is what is selectet in the settings of Dirt Rally 2.0 too. But i can`t get more than 60 fps no matter if on lowest or highest settings, no matter if v-sync is on or of. I tryed the same in Dirt Rally 1: there i get 75fps with v-sync on an open end fps with v-sync off. Has anyone an idea what i can try to get more than 60 fps in dirt rally 2.0? things i allraddy tried: - turn vsynk off in game - turn vsynk off in nvidea driver - reinstall nvidea driver and geforce experience - reinstall the game - sayed to the game to don`t start with full-screen-optimisation - disabled xbox game bar it would be nice if anyone has an idea. My System: - Evega 980ti - i7 4790 - 16Gb DDR3 RAM - Win 10 64Bit
  2. S4itybr0wn

    60 FPS Lock in Dirt Rally 2.0

    This dosn`t work too. I tried to change my display to 50Hz. Then i startet dirt rally 2. When vsync is of i get 60 fps again. when vsync is on i get the 50fps. so i think ist can not be anything with vsync. it must be a framerate lock to 60 fps asspezially for dirt rally 2.0. any idea where else it could be locked?
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    60 FPS Lock in Dirt Rally 2.0

    Even on lowes settings with everything turned off i can`t get more than 60 fps where can i find The Fast-sync option? and the limiter in the profileinspector is off. when i set it to 75 nothing changes. when it would be some thing like this, wouldn`t i have only 60 fps in all games? Like i said it is only in Dirt Rally 2.0