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  1. Moespeeds

    No Keyboard/Mouse response at title screen

    I got it. The issue was not in windows, it was in the game itself, as my mouse and keyboard worked fine everywhere else. The fix was to delete the "inputs" folder in users/saved games, then let dirt recreate it. I ended up getting a refund anyway, no vr support? I can't imagine what they were thinking. It should say it in bold lettering on every purchase page. Once they get vr I'll revisit, as I did enjoy the game.
  2. I purchased Dirt Rally yesterday. I was able to start it, with the usual issues that I've read about, no ffb (OSW Wheel), no VR, etc but once I setup the controls I was able to play a single stage. Now, every time I try to start up, it show the title screen, but I have no mouse cursor or keyboard response. It simply cycles between the demo movie and the title screen continuously. I cannot start anything. The keyboard and mouse both work fine, as I can press the windows key and get back to desktop with no problems. I un-installed/re-installed it, same problem. Using the Steam version. Thoughts?