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    I'm running triple screen as one monitor with Nvidia looks and works perfectly
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    Deluxe add-on parts missing

    Bought deluxe add-on off steam but the starter car upgrades and five cars are missing I had a previous deluxe save game but codemasters revoked the code I bought so I had to buy dirt 2 online then add-on of steam but my save is messed up I have money but no extra cars
  3. vwcamperman

    Patch 1.4 - What matters to YOU?

    That we get the game we payed for simples
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    Dirt rally 2.0 problem

    It's the biggest seller of game key codes in the world for steam Xbox live playstation etc.I've never had any problems before. There's nothing worse buying a game it takes nearly a week to download very slow internet then I play it for a week there's my game save it's gone , im out of pocket currently I'm waiting on a refund ,there's all the issues with the game ffb being one and out the blue codemasters revoke the code. I just want to know why as steam told me it was codemasters that done this ,I can't surely be the only one way to go to keep customers happy .I have been a long time fan of Colin McCrae rally since way back .
  5. vwcamperman

    Dirt rally 2.0 problem

    Today I thought I'd play dirt 2.0 via steam of which I payed good money for deluxe version via gamivo.com but thanks codemasters you have revoked my code on Steam. well thats what steam have said can you please explain to me why you have done this I certainly will not be paying for it again in fact I shouldnt have in the first place as it's still on a beta stage at moment .who is going to refund me ?